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Hello, “Libby”
   January 18, 2013
Just to remind you, this physical world is definitely going to intersect with the spiritual world very soon, now. And some things are going to change. For one, you will then see that your own moral decrees are not the last word in the universe - after all. In fact, God’s word is. So, you should understand that this trust you have in your own intellectual superiority is definitely going to put you on the wrong side of the line on Judgement Day.

The truth is, homosexuality is a sin. So, your support for it puts you at odds with the decree of our Holy Creator. Abortion is the murder of a human being, and thus, the blackest of sins. And so, again, you are acting contrary to God’s intent when you support this heinous act. And, on and on it goes with gay marriage, the legalization of "escape" drugs, and your general disdain for the values and directions of God’s Word. So please, be advised, this belief that your values superceed His is going to put you on the wrong side at the end.

Object all you want, “Libby,” but, in fact, your anger is only another indicator of your arrogance. A far better course for you would be to make a break with the Darkness that is American Liberalism, personally humble yourself before God, and begin to serve Him in ways that are in keeping with His wishes.  

And, I would encourage you to do so before it’s too late, before the Darkness delivers your soul to a tormenting eternity. Yeah, I know, you don’t believe in a Hell, either. I wish you the best, “Libby,” but I fear the worst for you.

Hello, Barack
November 30, 2012

With the last election you have won the day. And, with that very strategic victory - your intent, your approach, and your true attitude have become much less varnished.

You would do well to escape the illusional glow of Washington briefly, and spend a few minutes simply peering into a clear night sky from the top of some dark hill. If you are perceptive, that view can calibrate your sense of scale - so that you better understand the real size of your own influence in relation to His. And, if you listen very closely, that view will whisper to you of personal accountability.

Hello, Harry
November 15, 2012

Hello, Harry. For now, you sit almost atop the world, looking down from your high senate perch. And it must seem that you can, indeed, change our world from there. And certainly, you have set your heart to do so. Obviously, with other powerful people, you have determined a "managed decline" of America, God's chosen instrument of enlightenment to the modern world.

And, in all frankness, it now seems that it could actually happen. It seems you may, indeed, succeed, at least in the "decline" aspect of your devilish plan.

But, you should know this. No one can actually "manage" what you, and those in league with you, intend to bring to pass in America, and ultimately the world, save God, Himself. If your intentions do find full expression, the outflows will eventually become completely unpredictable and uncontrolable. And the whole world will be plunged into deep suffering.

And, whether in this life or the next, you should also understand this. The architects of that dark chaos will be held accountable before Almighty God. And, He will be angry.