Good Morning, Mr. President

February 18, 2019
Good morning, Mr. President: Rhetorical Veneers: White Privilege

This morning, I would like to give you a perspective on “White Privilege.”  I know what I am about to say would be inflammatory in some circles.  I never want to be that guy.  But, I believe in living truthfully.  It is truth which sets us free.  And, if we must endure inflammation to live truthfully, then, so be it. 

I have noticed that there are many “rhetorical veneers” floating around in the culture, today.  These veneers are intended to do what veneers are always intended to do – cover the less attractive substance beneath.   And the idea of “White Privilege,” as an explanation for Black social and economic disparities, is one of those veneers. 

Obviously, in every nation from the beginning of time, there have been those who are more advantaged and those who are less.  And, this is certainly true in present day America.  But, this heart-breaking disparity actually cuts across all races in this country – including Whites.

And, the less attractive truth, beneath the “rhetorical veneering,” is that Black disadvantage is not now, almost three generations after The Civil Rights Act, entirely explained by the idea of “White Privilege.”  It is more and better explained in present times by the reality of widespread “Personal Socialism” in the Black community.

Socialism - an exaggerated dependence on government care of the individual citizen - has always failed every society (and societal sub-set) which has trusted this completely flawed social and economic approach.  And, it is now failing large numbers of American Blacks who continue to insist on pursuing wealth, upward mobility, and social respect through government provided entitlements instead of personal initiative.  Thus, the personal embrace of Socialism is also a truly virulent breaker of hearts and dreams in the Black community.

January 17, 2019
Good morning, Mr. President: The Wall:  Congressional Shame

It’s seems obvious to me that our country is now fully engaged in an existential battle with homegrown political and social subversives who are intent of destroying American sovereignty in the interest of Global Socialism.  No issue more starkly illustrates this than the Border Wall Controversy. 

I am truly glad, Mr. President, that you are leading the charge on this issue.  I'm convinced that you are among a very, very few who have the grit and the cunning to successfully lead such a fight.

I'm sure the RINO's will bail first.  But, I truly hope the rest of the Republican Congress and Senate have the same level of commitment to this issue that you do.  I guess we'll see.  And, I promise you - we are watching to see.

This wall must get built.  It would be the most crimson mark of shame upon the present Congress if - while our young men and women are being literally sacrificed in defense of our ideals around the world - this Congress does not have the courage and resolve to defend the very seat of those ideals against drug cartels, terrorists, human traffickers, and common criminals.  

And, their shame would be made all the more glaring since all that is required of the congress to do so is merely to effortlessly cast an intelligent, common-sense vote.  No amount of political rhetoric or Democrat propaganda will ever hide the stupidity and/or seditious intent of failing to do this very urgent and very obvious - “right thing.”    

Well, that's it, Mr. President.  I pray for your continued stellar success and that of your administration.  Davy Crockett once said, "Figure out what's right, and then, go ahead."  That works for me.  And, it seems to me, that you are an excellent example of just how well that approach can work. Thanks so much for your heroism in the face of such great opposition. 
                         With much appreciation and respect,
                                               Larry Burnett

January 9, 2019:  Soldier Safety:  The A-10 Aircraft
Good Morning, Mr. President, 

I just want to send a note of profound thanks for your leadership.  It is refreshing to finally have a President who truly has the back of the mostly unempowered.  My son, Andy, lost the use of his legs in Afghanistan as a result of a snipers bullet in his neck.  He was doing his job as an army medic when he was shot.  He has come home and gotten on with his life, like the hero he is.  

But, here is my point, sir.  I love my son.  And, most every soldier serving today also has a mom and/or dad who loves him or her.  And, you did something for all of us (which you may not even be keenly aware of) in the early days of your administration. 

You did it through your re-invigoration of the of the military's budget.  Through that renewal, you removed the A-10 Close Air Support aircraft from the “Decommission” list.  The retirement of this life saving aircraft was solely based in budgetary motives. 

Apparently, people who make budget decisions in Washington care more about dollars than the lives of our soldiers in combat.  In fact, there is no other plane in our air force which can do what this plane does, in the hands of its dedicated and highly trained pilots.  Like no other, including the F-35, this airplane, with its very unique Close Air Support capabilities, saves the lives of endangered soldiers on the ground in a combat situation.   

So, by your actions to increase the military’s budget, many young men and women will return from the battlefield - alive, who would not otherwise have done so.  So, thank you for keeping your word to revitalize and well-equip our military.  It is a shame that budgeting bureaucrats, Pentagon generals, and congressional leaders don’t seem to have the same instinct to fight for the safety of their soldiers as have you.  

                             With great respect and appreciation                                                                      Larry Burnett