Friday, March 15, 2019

The Foolishness Of Freedom

Consider the voice of oppressive governance. It is the voice of czars, and kings, and emperors, and tribal chiefs, and despots of every kind.

Many of them have died among the previous pages of history. But their voices still echo across those pages to join such voices in the present to question and detract American ideals. And from those voices, one thing is clear. They all failed to understand the grandeur that flows from empowering people instead of oppressing them. So, this is what they all might say of America, "America, you are such a fool!"

"You believe in basic human equality. And because you do, your lowest becomes eligible for your highest offices of power. No one is restrained from intruding across class lines. All may participate in the civil franchise. How, can you run a country in such a way - and still control the outcome?"

"America, you do not suppress speech. And because you do not, your national conversation becomes an unwieldy dialog of immense dimension. Every sort of citizen has input. How can you fail to control the flow of opinion and information - and still control the outcome?"

"America, you allow your citizens to have guns, many guns, all types of guns. And because you do, your citizens are not so easily intimidated. They may even use them to defy the state. How can you allow your citizens to have guns - and still control the outcome?"

"America, you allow your press to intrude upon and challenge public officials. Because you do this, the state is threatened, high officers are exposed, and the agenda of the state remains constantly subject to public scrutiny. This does not allow the state to operate "efficiently." How can you possibly grant such exposure - and still control the outcome?"

"America, you allow your citizens the vote. Do you not understand that this means they ultimately hold the power. Do you not know that the state then becomes subject to the masses, instead of the reverse. How is it that you believe you can invest the citizens with this great power- and still control the outcome?"

"America, you allow your citizens to amass private wealth. In allowing them to do so, they become confident, and influential, and in many ways uncontrollable. Do you not understand this danger. How can you allow the threat of personal wealth - and still control the outcome?"

"America, you allow your citizens unlimited freedom of movement. As a result they are exposed to other cultures, they consort with people of differing viewpoints, they are able to elude state scrutiny. Surely you see the inherent liability. How can you give such freedom of unaccounted movement - and still control the outcome?"

"America, you allow your people to practice religious choice. Do you not understand that this creates diversity among the citizens. It diminishes order and commonness. Such choice may set them against each other, or worse, against the state, or the god of the state. How can you allow such choice - and still control the outcome."


The criticisms of the despots are telling. Their insecurity denotes an ignorance regarding the human destiny, which Americans have  known and embraced from our beginning.  It is this.  Each man owns his own destiny as a gift from God. No one - no king, no prince, no despot of any kind has any title or claim to it.

America did not invent this idea. But, America has certainly given reality to it as no other nation on earth. And, every day she confirms this principal in the best possible way - in the liberties of her every citizen.

And, America has proven herself to be the nation most willing to risk the implications of this idea. Every day, we risk what our citizens will lawfully do, where they will collectively take us as a nation. We risk their whims, what they will say, and what new things they will devise - both good and bad. 

We risk their equal access to power, the influence of wealth or position. In fact, in America, we are not just willing to risk the swift current of our individual, and in turn, our collective destiny. In fact, we embrace that doing with some passion.

This unwieldy risk is the very thing that the despots of history have never willing to take. But, in America, we do not control the outcome, we do, indeed, risk it - under God. 

Every day, when the sun comes up on this matchless, and magical, and God blessed land - every lawful thing is in play. It's what we call - Freedom.

Friday, March 1, 2019


These days, it would seem that angry militancy is imposing itself on the American culture at very high levels on all fronts.  So, gays, Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, and Communist are all now raging activists.  

The gun haters and the Never Trumper's are all salivating with anger.  African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and university students are all at a take-it-to-the-streets level of militancy.  And on it goes until it seems everybody has gone militantly mad.

But, in fact, they have not.  In truth, the preceding paragraph is a blatant exaggeration on all fronts.  It is merely a “head shot” of the caricature which the liberal media, a cadre of hate filled activists, and a bunch of arrogant elitists are constantly attempting to sell to the American people as a tactic to aid their seditious intentions. 

In reality, however, in all of those people groups mentioned above, the great majority remains peaceful, reasoned and concerned about, not just results, but about the justness of how we achieve those results.  And how do we know these good people are out there?  Well, by the math for one thing.  The population of the United States is 325 million people.  So those subversive “pot stirrers,” even with the few off-the-rails extremists and ne’er-do-wells which they may actually represent, don’t compose even a drop in the bucket of that number. 

And, there is another way that we know that the vast majority of Americans are still strongly bound together by real sanity.  It is the anecdotal evidence of our daily lives.  Indeed, in our common values, we continue to widely cherish the nobility of our humanity, and thus, the nobility of our behavior.  We share a deep love of country which allows us to beam with pride even while we work together to remove her warts.  And, we continue to believe the long proven idea that mutual respect is the precious norm which truly yields peace, brotherhood, and quality of life; whereas, hate is never anything more than a disabling character flaw.  

So, fortunately for America, the vast majority of Americans still embrace sanity over subversion.  Praise God!  View The Exhibit

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Puppeteers

Where there is an earthquake, there is an epicenter.  And, that epicenter is where the real force of the outflow movements are concentrated.  And, to be sure, the same is true of the sociopolitical movements which are occurring in America, right now.  They are being caused by a very well developed and well organized central force. 

I am an ordinary, born and bred, U.S. citizen of 70 years.  I am a person of no great reputation.  And, I fully expect to die in anonymity.  But, what I am not, is stupid. 

When I look at what is presently going on in America, it is very obvious that there are very real “puppeteers” pulling the strings of our more naive population in these herky-jerky times.  And certainly, there have always been manipulative movers and shakers who have attempted to do the same.  But, in prior times, they were not so well armed with degenerate media and public school systems, Facebook, Twitter, and a national “propaganda news” platform etc.  And now, they are. 

And obviously, these “string pullers” know very well how to employ these new advantages at this very strategic time – a time when we have several character-deficient generations in play.  And, even this strategic timing is no accident. 

These burgeoning “puppet generations” have actually been carefully fashioned by the very puppeteers who now manipulate their every move.  For decade upon decade, American children have been unwittingly bombarded from every direction with the hypocritical values of these who have now become their psychological overlords.  From the cartoons they watched as children, to godless public schools, to even more devilish universities, our younger population has been taught, “Reject all previous values and establish your own, based solely in your own nobility of thought.”

And sadly, the puppeteers have been so effective in their subtlety that these puppet generations actually believe they are doing that.  But, in fact, they are really just mindlessly responding to the long implanted values of the string pullers.  

And so, every day the puppets join their peer puppet group on Facebook, or Twitter, or in the propaganda news newsroom to obediently embrace whatever party line they are to be fed before they move on in service to the puppeteers for that day.  And, every day, when this sad process is finished, they adjudge it to have been, indeed, “noble.”

Thus, we are left with these burgeoning generations which can no longer tell the difference between true good and evil, true right and wrong because their minds and hearts have been so co-opted in this way.   And, what they don’t know, and sadly, may never know, is that true nobility of thought and action only ever flow out of a personal and abiding connection to the larger moral reality – not the absence of that connection. 

But then, we must remember – they are puppets.  And, puppets don’t really think, do they?  They just jump when their string is pulled.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Silliness And Millennials

We now have a cohort of Americans born between 1982 and 2004 which we call Millennials, or Generation Y, or the Net Generation – take your pick.  And, if you are one of them, I admit it up front.  The whole purpose of this article is to talk you out of being one. 

Now obviously, one cannot alter the reality of their birth date.  But, we can control the brand of silliness that we buy into in this life – or that we choose not to buy into at all.  And, indeed, it is our brand of silliness, or the lack thereof, which more defines us as people than our birthday. And certainly, you don’t really have to be the brightest among us to realize that far too much of this life is, after all, just a bunch of silliness - "silliness" being the stuff which neither belongs to, nor in, the sane reality.  

For example, Adolf Hitler decided one day to conquer the world and completely refashion it into his silly fascist mold. And, he stirred a bunch of silly people to help him in that silly endeavor.  But, sanity rejected his silly plan. 

Thus, there came the conflict which always comes when silliness seriously conflicts with sanity.  And, after six years of war and 85 million dead, Hitler’s silliness was cast out of the sane reality.  Obviously, Hitler’s brand of silliness was an exorbitantly expensive one. 

And then came the silliness of Communist Socialism which has never been successfully employed to raise the quality of life in any society.  In fact, the reverse has always been the case.  Communist Socialism has always drastically lowered the quality of life for any society engulfed in its silliness.  It is estimated that this brand of silliness has already left 100,000,000 dead around the world in its wake.  

And now, that brand of Socialism is deceptively morphing into Global Socialism. And, each day, this new form is becoming more militant in its silly social assertions, which absolutely have no place in a sane reality.

Marxists never seem to get that they do not fail because of some opposition power.  They fail because Socialism goes against human nature, itself.  Socialism necessarily denies the most basic drive in the human nature, the desire for personal gratification. 

So, it becomes pretty silly and pretty circular to conceive of social justice in terms of universal human gratification – while, at the same time, vehemently denying the worth of that basic motive in the individual and the real opportunity to pursue it.  Thus, to attempt to install this dismal social system on a global scale only promises another failure – merely of a more colossal size.   I can tell you right now, sanity will never own this philosophical step child. 

Nevertheless, it is this brand of silliness which is now sweeping up na├»ve Millennials in large numbers in America.  I think it's probably because most of you are just too young and inexperienced to see the inevitable human suffering and bloodbath that is coming if sanity has to, once again, confront this new form of that old silliness. 

So, I’m just kinda’ hoping to spare the world this trauma.  And, I would do that by simply trying to convince Millennials, who are, indeed, quickly becoming key players, to take your head out of your hip pocket and start acting like sane, responsible adults instead of immature children.  And, you can start to do that by simply summoning the courage to make a philosophical break with your silly, highly propagandized peer hive, to become a free and individualized thinker.  

I know this idea terrifies you, little one.  And, it will have the same effect on your surrounding cohorts.  Only, on them, it will come out looking like incensed anger, if you actually do try to make a break for it. 

But, buck up little Padawan learner, you can exist quite well, and even flourish, outside the great hive.  And, if you do find the courage to break free, then I would challenge you to freshly examine your world view - minus all the previous political tutelage. 

Try looking at what you think you know without the fear of ostracism from the group as the knife at your throat.  Look again at the issues without silly academia constantly whispering silly seditions in your ear.  Try reviewing your world view in pursuit of real truth instead of mere political and/or groupie correctness.

And, maybe confront yourself a bit, while you’re at it.  Maybe ask some hard questions like, “Am I really well anchored in the more demanding sanity of the larger reality, or have I too much embraced the habit and comfort of the simplistic?”  And, here’s another good one.  “Is my right and wrong based in immutable principles or a constantly changing momentary expedient?”

And, here’s a great one.  “Does my guiding cause, ultimately bring me to the militant oppression of others or to a respectful persuasion approach?”  Or, said another way, “Is my default approach to effecting change in my world to oppress others or to inspire them?  And finally, consider this one.  Ask yourself, “Who actually gave me the right to intrude on the harmless peace of others, who find their present life-circumstance meaningful and fulfilling - as it is.”

If previous assaulters of the world’s peace had asked and answered such telling questions before they unleashed their world-devastating silliness, perhaps so many innocents would not have died.  And maybe the world would have known more enduring periods of peace.  

Please, young friend, as you come to power in the world, don’t be that person who callously initiates another assault on the world's peace.  Rather, be that person who is circumspect and well-studied before initiating any social intrusions.  Be that person who holds an appreciation for previously hard-won historical graces.  Be that person who always maintains a humble respect for the harmless choices of others.

These things will free you from that silly Millennial caricature which now goes for your generational portrait.  I can think of few worse fates, dear Millennial, than to actually ultimately fulfill that silly caricature in your own precious life. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Divided: Then and Now

In 1958, J. Edgar Hoover, famed director of the FBI, released a book entitled, Masters of Deceit.  In that book, he exposes the American Communist Party.  In chapter 14, Mr. Hoover lists the seditious tactics used by that party in its subversive bid to over through the American way of life.  Among others, he lists, Mass Agitation using all exploitable issues, Infiltration into all types of organizations, including educational and political, and the Subversion and Exploitation of Minorities.

Using these tactics, Marxist based Communism has now devastated many whole societies, leaving behind ruined economies and tens of millions dead, all along its bloody historical pathway.  And yet, this Marxist insanity continues to survive in the minds of delusional ideologues.  These arrogant social experimenters simply refuse to see the abject failure of the Marxist Utopian idea: a classless, “worker bee” based society of absolute equality which rigidly follows this very simplistic axiom - "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." 

But, in fact, this exaggerated tenet actually prescribes Marxism’s failure.  This terminal end is decreed by “social physics,” which define an important reality.  And that immutable reality is this:  Marxism and human nature simply cannot be “peacefully” reconciled.  

And, that reality is based in an even more basic one:  the universal “wiring” of the human brain.  If one exposes the brain to any type or level of gratification, it always wants to seek more.  And, therein lies the Marxist problem.

By its very rigid nature, this philosophy absolutely forbids to humanity, the liberty to satisfy this basic human desire to pursue personal gratification.  The American forefathers had it precisely right.  All human beings share an ingrained appetite for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  And, it is this simple but powerful human appetite for which Marxism always and entirely fails to account - and refuses to tolerate. 

Thus, the Marxist belief system is necessarily forced to a dark position.  To enforce its inflexible requirement of absolute social and economic equality, Marxism must necessarily police every human being’s every activity – from what we can and cannot say, to the size of one’s soft drink, to absolute control over one’s health care. Indeed, this oppressive militancy is always the unavoidable end game of Marxism.

And, this need for control then demands a centralized control mechanism.  So, as has always actually been the historical case with this devilish philosophy, the state, in the form of a repressive central government, insistently becomes that controlling overlord of the individual’s daily life, as well as the society’s corporate national life.

Thus, when placed in a fair and objective scale, a Marxist system of government and economics will always be found completely atrocious, when compared to a capitalistic democracy.  There really is no contest when one puts the “live and let live” and “go for it” ethos of democratic capitalism up against the hateful and joy-strangling effects of Marxism.

And, it is true.  The element of competitiveness is intrinsic to a capitalist society.  But, competition is a vital part of, not just capitalism, but of freedom, itself.  And, this motive is moderated easily, and much better, at the personal level, by the balancing effects of ethics, compassion, generosity, and personal restraint – not to mention, the rule of just laws. 

And these incorporations are, and have historically always been, every day realities in capitalistic societies.  And, if there are some individuals, within those societies, who fall short of these ideals, at least their failures don’t inflict the more universal damage which occurs when an all-powerful government becomes virtue deficient - as has always been the case with all Marxist governments. 

So, why do we do it?  Why, in America, do our children, who live in the freest, most accomplished, most compassionate nation on earth, keep falling for the same old subversive lies, propaganda, and empty promises of Marxism? 

Why do so many Americans continue to be very willing to endanger our wonderful personal liberty (and, for that matter, our security and prosperity) by electing undercover Marxists - now newly evolved into “Global Socialists” and masquerading as our fathers’ Democrats.  Why do so many continue to prefer deceitful political reprobates over enlightened leaders who embrace the supremacy of personal liberty, personal aspirations, and personal initiative? 

Surely, such widespread and trans-generational folly can only be explained by these divinely given prophetic words which truly speak to our time…

            For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains [the Holy Spirit] will do so until He is taken out of the way.  And then the lawless one [the antichrist] will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.
            “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

            “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, so that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  [
Brackets added]  2Thessalonians 2:7-12 (NKJV)

Certainly, many in this world are not now prepared to embrace this truth.  But, ultimately and unavoidably, Jesus wins.  Thus, the smart and enlightened play is to embrace the true Christ, not these empty, end-game delusions of the coming, flash-in-the-pan antichrist. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Intrusions Of The Darkness

The larger human picture is not that hard to grasp.  And yet, most of us really never do. Perhaps it’s that generational thing. Every time a generation kinda’ figures it out, before you know it, they’re all dead. Then we have to start all over in the next generation, trying to make ourselves, once again, broadly and accurately aware of that complex experiential picture before us which we typically just call, "life."

Or, maybe our struggle to understand life accurately simply lies in our willing ignorance. It seems that many of us share the feeling that if we know something, then we come under some obligation to act on what we know. 

So, if we don’t want to be bothered, then we just don’t bother to know. Thus, we often merely bury our head in the “sands” of life’s blinding tedium as a means of escaping the responsibility of that "knowing."

But, be all of that as it may, for those who are courageous enough to take in the larger human landscape, there is a more truthful perspective to be had. And, that larger view does allows us to see far beyond the the more simplistic life interpretations.  As a prime  example, it allow us to quickly move past the assumption that our competing social and political philosophies are just a ho-hum, everyday part of our world. 

Rather, the more sophisticated view of our reality accurately places these competing philosophical intrigues into the context where they truly belong. It understands them to be a very real extension of the ever raging war between the Light and the Darkness - that cosmic conflict which has been an ingrained part of the of the human experience from our very beginning.

 Indeed, this larger landscape show us the background dynamics of our confrontations.  And, for those who want to understand those dynamics, the jumping off point is at a very simple and very basic question.  And, that question is this: "What is Truth?" 

And, here is the short and simple answer.   Truth is merely the correct interpretation of reality.

The nature of the truth is just that simple. Truth is only ever just reality as it actually is.  So, all we have to do to arrive at truth is correctly interpret reality - right?

But wait! Therein lies the human dilemma. The real difficulty lies not in knowing the definition of truth, but in actually achieving what the definition specifies. It is in the fog of our varied interpretations of reality that we typically lose our way.

And, that is understandable; because, You and I were never meant to be the authoritative interpreter of reality. Rather, God has always reserved that role for Himself – and rightly so.

Even the brightest human beings are pitifully under-qualified to define true morality, true right or wrong, true good or evil. We simply do not have the capacity to make those calls.

Thus, God requires that we trust Him and embrace, through Christ, His values and the interpretations of life which result from those divine values. The Bible refers to our awareness of those divine values and interpretations as "Light."  And, it refers to the absence of that awareness as "Darkness."

Further, it follows logically that in the absence of an accurate awareness of God's truth (His correct and authoritative interpretations of life), great space is left for alternative interpretations of reality, bogus though they may be. And, it's these alternative interpretations which compete with God’s view of things, His truthful interpretations, and give rise to the conflict between the Light and the Darkness.

The roots of this conflict can be traced all the way back to the mind of Satan.  This idea that there can be an alternative view of good and evil which can "legitimately" compete with God's views originated there. And, in turn, Satan then passed it on to mankind by his treachery in the Garden of Eden. 

His false promise to Adam and Eve was this, "You shall be like God, knowing good and evil."  But, the “knowledge of good and evil” which Satan offered to Adam and Eve was not a knowledge based in an accurate and concrete interpretation of reality. Rather, it was a very subjective determination of good and evil - entirely based in the ever changing personal perspective of the individual.

In other words, Satan offered a view of good and evil which was no longer based in God's authoritative interpretations of life.  Instead, with the fall of mankind, "Good" became, "What seems good to me."  And, "Evil" became, "What seems evil to me."

In the moment that Adam and Eve embraced this competing interpretation of reality, their relationship to their Creator became poisoned, as was their relationship to each other.  For, they no longer shared a consistently common view of good and evil even between themselves.

And, in turn, through this first couple, the whole of mankind was also infected with this dark alternative view of reality which was personality based, and ever changing. And that was exactly what Satan intended to achieve.

So, in the Garden of Eden, mankind lost the divine perspectives on reality and replaced them with his own self-generated and very individualized interpretations. And, in doing so, the whole of humanity became infected with the prime motive which clearly marks and identifies the Darkness: the motive of  Self-determination.   

And, indeed, it is this motive which is the primary sin essence.  It is from this motive, the intent to determine good and evil for ourselves, that all acts of sin then emanate.  So, this heart motive is the first issue of God's judgment of the human soul.  

Thus, it is this dark elemental motive of self-determination within the human heart which the redemptive work of Christ first and most urgently targets.  The reason being, it is the sin-source.  Solve this problem, and all else all but solves itself.

Nevertheless, even at this late hour in redemptive history, much of humanity remains lost in the dark delusions of what might be very accurately called, "designer truth" - the Satan inspired alternative versions of reality, the alt truth, if you will.  Many, even now, know only their own small, deluded perspectives on life issues - which then become just one more competing antithesis to God’s authentic truth. 

And, because these believe in their own moral superiority, they become easy pray for Satan's sophisticated subtlety. Thus, they become his dupes - the unwitting servants of the Darkness. 

And, through these deluded human pawns, the Darkness finds an easy means to repeatedly insert itself into the human political and philosophical landscape to confront God's truth and agenda.  And sadly, humanity, absent the benefit of the divine perspective on reality, repeatedly fails to recognize the work of the Darkness for what it is. 

So, in generation after generation, the Darkness is able to powerfully intrude into the human experience with horrible results. And, this remains true, even though the Darkness never really bothers to change its essential tactics.

For example, always, the Darkness comes with the prospect of some delusional noble cause, the worth of which ultimately justifies the hateful actions which are required to see the cause through. Then, using this cause of twisted and exaggerated worth, the Darkness tempts deluded individuals, who fancy themselves, people of the higher conscience, to do its treacherous bidding. 

And eventually, the Darkness always points to some straw demon at which its hateful energy might be directed. And so, the satanic encouragements come: hate the black man, or the white man, or the rich man, or the capitalist, or the Jew, or the Christian, etc., etc., etc., “for they threaten our noble agenda.”

Then, when the Darkness has secured enough dupes to its delusion, it always turns militant. It begins to demand the submission of non-subscribers on pain of violence. 

In this stage of its intrusion, the Darkness becomes the open oppressor. The cloak of pretense is cast away. And those who have given themselves to the Darkness are now forced to abandon, altogether, any lingering shred of questioning conscience. Now, they too are forced to follow the cruel dictates of the Darkness.

And, so they do. They consummate the sale of their soul by mindless obedience.  And, by now, their actions are more to protect themselves from the wrath of the Darkness than to achieve any "noble" cause. 

 So, by the time the consuming fire of the Darkness is finished, even those who fanned its flames are destroyed by it.  And, one more time, the Evil celebrates the success of its intrusion into the human thought process and experience.  And always, it does so standing on the new graves of a freshly slaughtered humanity.

In the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler, one in a long line of human apostles who have served the Darkness in this way over the course of history, followed this exact pattern. His noble cause was German supremacy and prosperity – an Arian Race who "deserved" to rule over the Earth.

And, to that cause, he drew his dupes of the Darkness – the Nazi rank and file. And, he directed their manufactured hatred toward his straw demons, especially the Jewish people, among others.

Eventually, the ranks of Hitler’s Nazi Party, devout and ready to serve the Darkness, became sufficiently powerful to capture the German Government. And predictably, with power came the militant phase. They began reprisals, including outright murder, against all who opposed their “noble” agenda.

In the course of this offensive from Hell, millions died. And six million defenseless Jews, from little innocent boys and girls, to their mothers and fathers, to feeble old men and women were callously butchered by these deluded, satanic henchmen. And, it was all in the name of their “righteous cause” - essentially Hitler's deluded perspective on good and evil - the Nazi version of the "truth."

And then, roughly contemporary with the Nazi madness, the Darkness opened a second offensive - this time, alighting on Russian soil in the form of Marxist Communism.  First, Vlad Lennin became the new apostle of the Darkness, spouting a new cause and pointing to a new straw man to hate and destroy. 

 His cause was to free the world of the scourge of Capitalism with its "Bourgeoisie" ruling class.  His twisted delusion was a world of working class equality.

Again, by means of political intrigues and murderous force, when the ranks of his deluded followers became strong enough, Lennin made his revolutionary move.  He then violently and mercilessly put down all opposition to his Socialist interpretations of reality - his version of good and evil. And again, from Lennin, to Stalin, through a long list of violent oppressors, even to the present day, millions of innocents have died under the boot heel of the Darkness wielding the Communist / Socialists banner. 

In total, it is estimated that 100,000,000 graves were dug around the world to mark the blood path that this offensive of the Darkness has taken over its decades.  And still, that total continues to rise.  

That is true because, even as its Russian host was waning under the weight of its own infection with the Darkness, Satan managed to spread the delusions of Marxist Socialism to other parts of the planet. He found many willing converts to the delusion of this "noble cause,” including many in America.

And so, an expanded offensive of the Darkness began.  And, indeed, this time it has an American epicenter.  And from that epicenter,
the composite energy of Neo-socialism, Liberalism and Progressivism, radiates its tentacles outward in the new "noble cause" of the Darkness:  Globalism

And, especially in America, the Darkness has now begun to very forcefully use this aggregate of the political Left.  Its face in America is the Democrat Party leadership. And, its muscle is the smug elitists who empower them, and the ever necessary rank and file dupes who mindlessly buy in to their insanity.

Thus, one more time, we see a deluded, devilish group who believe themselves to be the people of the higher conscience.  And, true to form, they are following the normal track and employing all the typical tactics of the Darkness.  

They tout their cloaking "noble cause" of "social justice in a global community" to cover their true ugliness.  And, their new “straw demons” are the Wall Street capitalists, the political right, Christians, the "one per centers," and on, and on, and on, goes their hit list to include any opposition to their version of good and evil. 

 And now, very systematically, as the Darkness always does, American Liberalism is becoming increasingly militant.  Recent revelations have clearly demonstrated just how militant with the intentional culturing of race and class hatred, the riots inspired and financed by the wealthy Left, their encouragement of the murder of police officers, election fraud, free speech suppression, and every kind of political intimidation - including the hiring of violent thugs to attack opposition voters.  

Nevertheless, increasingly, Americans, especially naive young Americans, are buying into the empty promises and twisted interpretations of good and evil offered by these satanic liberal spin doctors. And, as they become augmented by the largest American generation in history, the Millennials, things will quickly go from bad to worse. 

You need no prophet to forecast what lies ahead for an America that fails to recognize this Darkness of American Liberalism / Progressivism for what it is.  One need only look to those large cities in the USA, which the Left has controlled for many decades. They serve perfectly well as a very accurate and foreboding omen of what is to come for this nation as a whole if it becomes dominated by the political Left in service to Satan's destructive agenda.

But still, many Americans, especially young Americans, just don't see it. They just don't recognize Satan's dark economy operating through the American political Left for what it is - though it still appears much as it always has, historically.  

So, as a result, each day we lose a little more of our moral sanity, of our daily hopefulness, of our personal decency. And, if this American cycle of the Darkness is not arrested, as always, our graves, and the graves of our children, and the ash heap of our national greatness, will memorialize our gullible stupidity as a people.

But, there does yet remains a better way forward. Both individually and nationally, we can still embrace the divine light.  We can still choose the path of true enlightenment that is confirmed by Christ in opposition to the interpretations of the Darkness.

Individually, we can still choose to embrace the Lordship of Christ with its inherent allegiance to God's values and His interpretations of reality.  As a nation, we can again turn to the good ways of God produced by following those values.  We can again recognize the worth of God's good ways and return to the light of love, respect, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, understanding, compassion, honesty, honor, integrity, truthfulness, justice, holiness, and a respect for life. 

The Darkness would tell us that this approach is the wrong one. But, that is just the Darkness being the Darkness – creating an alternative view to compete with the truth and goodness of a God guided reality. 

Nevertheless, the only truly good way forward for an individual, and for the nation as a whole, is to humbly pursue and embrace the divine light.  Such humility has the power to save both our soul and our nation. But, our continued arrogant national tendency toward the dark prescription of "designer truth" will see both destroyed.

When we look past those dark human faces on the pages of history, we can then easily recognize, in the background, the hideous face of Satan and what are actually his violent intrusions into the human experience.  And, in each succeeding generation, his tell-tale tactics confirm his mean hand in humanity's suffering.  

At that point, his twisted deceptions start to become apparent for what they are.  And, by comparison, the Light, God's benevolent truth, once again begins to shine as the glorious thing that it has always been, and shall always be - despite the tendency of our species toward gullibility and arrogance.

“I am the light of the world.” - Jesus

Monday, January 5, 2015

Long Ropes And Stone Cold Hearts

In these modern, or as those who are so full of themselves like to say: in these “Post-modern” times, there is a question which has lately begun to desperately present itself. The question is this. Is there a way to deal with an arrogant, majority America who typically has no real awareness of, or concern for, anything beyond their own “small-life shopping list.” Is there yet a way to cause this self-consumed majority to care again about the divine perspective on their character and behavior?

The great gift which Christ offers to the individual is a way back from this self-centered darkness which so blinds us to the divine perspective. But, how does that work when we don’t even recognize that we are, indeed, immersed in a personal darkness?

Well, sometimes it simply doesn’t work. Sometimes, our darkness is so impermeable that it is, in fact, terminal. Sometimes the long rope of God’s great patience becomes the very rope with which we simply hang ourselves, spiritually. 

Thus, as we continually ignore His overtures, we eventually just miss our opportunity for personal renewal and a life lived in the joys of the higher plane. And, that’s that.

But sometimes, there is a better outcome. Sometimes, resulting from the twists and turns of life, we find ourselves humbled before God and at the end of our own arrogant rope. And there, sitting in the puddle of our own calamity and stripped of our sense of self-sufficiency, finally, we are able to truly see the degraded condition of our life for what it really is. 

And, in those moments of clarity, we suddenly understand the value of Christ’s offer to start us over and make all things new. So there, at the end of our own rope, we decide to tie a big knot of devotion to God and hang on for dear life.

And, in those desperate moments, it becomes much easier to see the stupidity of ever believing that the quality of life could actually reside in such fleeting things as possessions, or primo jobs, or costly hobbies and toys, etc. And how could it not become obvious when we find ourselves surrounded by those things, and yet, also find that we are still devastated and miserable in both our inner and outer life. 

From gold chains, to custom wheels, to smartphones, to nice homes, to bank accounts and spectacular vacations, all taken together, such “trinketry” and low aspirations never amount to anything more than a powerful testimony to our own small mindedness.  And this is especially true when we compare the empitiness of those things to Christ’s offer to bring a sweeping elevation and nobility to our life. 

 And, indeed, He does entirely change who we are and what we are about. He brushes aside our silly little materialistic ideas of what life is supposed to be and brings a hugeness, not only to our awareness level, but to our personal potential. 

And, He does it in precisely the right way.  He empowers a profound transformation of our character which entirely changes how we encounter life – and thus, the quality of life, itself.

So - is there a way to deal with this very self-assured majority in present day America? Oh, there’s a way. It is just a matter of giving them “enough rope,” and then, waiting to see which one of those aforementioned knots they tie when they come to the end of it. 
And, in fact, God is doing that very thing, right now.

If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! - Jesus