Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Weight of This Moment by A. A. Joe

They think that America’s Average Joe, of which I am one, is simply too dumb and/or too ill-informed to know what’s really up in America these days.  But, we’re not really that dumb or that ill-informed.  In fact, we do know what’s really going on.

For example, we know that what we are presently watching unfold in America is an actual coup attempt driven by people who might be very accurately described as “World Class Sociopaths.”  They are, indeed, a people with serious personality disorders which are now expressed every day as extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviors, all while demonstrating an utter lack of conscience.

It is true that these groups and individuals from the Left are not as easily defined and identified today as they once were.  They are not simply holdover Fascists from the 30’s and 40’s or old style Russian and American Communists types of the 50’s and 60’s.  Now, their identifying banners are a jumbled sea of social and political labels, disingenuous front organizations, and activist pet peeves. 

It is also true, however, that all of this jumble of craziness does eventually coalesce along a Marxist / Socialist axis. And, this axial Marxist connection is confirmed by at least three things. 

First, the Marxist connection is confirmed by their educational exposures.  All of the real players on the Left read the same warped thoughts of angry, hateful men who, themselves, were world class sociopaths – Karl Marx, Howard Zin, and Saul Alinsky, to name a few. 

The second Marxist identification is the actual, street-level tactics which these treacherous people employ.  The seditious tactics which they are presently using in this nation have been previously employed by Marxist around the world over the last century to bring down other nations, leaving more than 100,000,000 dead in the process.  Their playbook of divide-and-conquer, rabblerousing, pot-stirring, community infiltration, pretentious front organizations, and the subversion of legitimate organizations, is the typical Marxist take-over template.

And, the third Marxist identifier is their human resource structure – the types of people they employ to carry out their mission.  These useful human operatives are easily classified by the nature of their actual awareness level of, and devotion to the Marxist cause. 

There are always the “Dupes.”  These are typically na├»ve pawns, usually deceptively drawn into the Marxist ranks under the banner of some righteous sounding purpose like women’s rights, or one type or another of a social justice cause, etc.  These dupes are usually much more aware of their own little cause than the much more sinister intent of the Marxists which they are actually ignorantly serving.  

There are also the “Mercenaries.” These are street level people, sometimes thuggish, sometimes “dupish,” who are actually completely disinterest in any cause but the money they’re being paid to be on the street at the right time and place. 

And, then there are also always those highly aware and deeply “Devoted Ideologues.” These are people who do, indeed, understand and believe in the ideological message and mission of Marxism / Socialism. Though typically, most of these are but useful, mid-level puppets to the real puppeteers of the movement.

The face of this dark conglomerate is, of course, the Democrat Party.  Having fallen prey to Marxist ideology and control, this now long-subverted political party presently affiliates a wide array of seditious groups and individuals.  And, like the party, itself, most all of them presently masquerade as patriots, nevertheless, their true, overarching devotion is to the utter demise of America as a free, democratic, and opportunity based nation. 

The constituents and fellow travelers of the Democrat Party now include American Communists, Socialists and, so called, Progressives.  Also, joining the Democrat parade at the street-level are their agitating community organizers, and their “dupish” activists of the “higher conscience.”  And, not to be overlooked are their very valuable devotees in the media and academia, their deep-state bureaucrats, and their wealthy elitists and Hollywood types.

And, this present coup which the Dems and the Marxist Left are now attempting is not just about removing Donald Trump from office.  He is but a troublesome, and yet also a very convenient, strawman by which they can generate division and hate within the nation. 

But, the real agenda of the Left is much more basic and far-reaching than merely removing Donald Trump.  The real agenda is to grab and permanently hold power with the intention of turning the American people into another Marxist/ Socialist slave nation.  The ultimate aim is that the American people should finally be made to bow before a completely oppressive Marxist oligarchy, on the order of those in China and Russia, as a part of the new, Socialist world order.

So, Average Joe is not so dumb and/or ill-informed as the sociopaths on the Left think.  And Joe already knows that this coup attempt can only be dealt with in one of three ways.  The first, and no doubt the best, resolution would be for a true Christian revival to sweep across the nation. 

As with other such revivals in the past, this would once again restore a personal devotion to the divine values in large numbers of Americans from every quadrant – the values which built this nation in the first place.  And that faith restoration would, of course, save many souls. 

But, beyond that most important thing, a Christian revival would also restore to that large number of citizens, a world view based in the divine perspective.  And, that would then, in short order, numerically and philosophically defeat the Marxist power base in America.

The second possibility for defeating this on-going coup attempt is to really “burn down” the Marxist Democrats in the upcoming election.  Certainly, the usual 52/48 split among the electorate will simply not do the job.  It has to be a real “burn down” of the Democrat influence in all political quadrants, from the federal level to the city council and school board level. 

If by their present lawless and seditious behavior, these people, who have made “America” a dirty word, do not come to be one themselves in the mind of the electorate, the coup will simply continue in an ever more militant way.  And that will bring us to the third and least desirable possibility for dealing with their take-over attempt.

This third option is simply a widespread blood bath.  You don’t have to be a political or social prophet to know that if you plant the seeds of violence in a population, as has been done by this Marxist Left.  And, if you then continually cultivate the emotions of that violence every day, as happens in the media arm of the Left every day.  Then, barring some intervening circumstance, violence is precisely what you will reap as the end product. 

And, as is typically the case with widespread civil violence, it will almost certainly be horribly unpredictable, touching the innocent and even those who smugly think themselves to be untouchable.  No violence is ever easily contained, even when you are its instigator. 

So, in this case, the Marxist pretenders among us, who hate this nation and all that it stands for, should actually steel themselves for what’s coming.  Average Joe is not as unaware as you believe.  And, he is already prepared for this possibility. 

This is easily confirmed in our stores.  Notice, the ammunition shelves are always all but emptied every week.  And gun sales and concealed carry permits are at an all-time high.

Nevertheless, hopefully, before this bloodletting occurs, we will, indeed, come to our senses, humble ourselves, and once again, in large numbers, begin to truly embrace the Lordship of Christ with His attendant divine values based in love and faith.  This is absolutely the best way to find a very thorough, effective, and far-reaching healing for the nation.

Or, less beneficial, but yet still a peaceful ending to this coup attempt would be that “burn-down” at the ballot box option.  Such a truly decisive electoral statement by the country would restore good order in a bloodless way by simply stripping these sociopathic rebels of their political and social influence.  It would also send a clear message to our determined enemies abroad, who are presently smelling blood in the water.

But, if neither of those first two outcomes occur, the third will.  It is not even in serious doubt. 

This is true because, without that decisive statement from the electorate in these upcoming elections, no matter who actually wins the election with but a narrow margin, the Marxist will then remain emboldened to continue to employ an ever increasing militancy.  And, in response, patriotic Americans who are devoted to a free, fair, and opportunity based nation will eventually be forced to respond forcefully.  

And, it is lunacy to believe that they will do otherwise.  America’s patriots never have, and never will, go quietly into the night in the face of an existential threat to their beloved nation. 

Every few decades, it seems the whole world goes crazy at once; and, humanity then starts to drown in its own blood – typically at the behest of only a handful of sociopaths who stir it all up.  We are now, if we cannot secure a better way foreword using cool heads and common sense, arriving at such a moment and such a needless and insane circumstance. 

So, in this anteroom of the coming elections, we should ask ourselves, “Do we really want to blow up the great goodness that we have in America, such as exists nowhere else in the world.  And, do we really want to do it for a relatively few, but highly manipulative bunch of Marxist sociopaths.

Must we take their every exaggerated accusation against this nation as unchallengeable truth?  As a people, are we now so emotionally blinded and/or mentally unbalanced by their propaganda that we cannot recognize their “frame job” against the fairest, freest, and most widely prosperous nation on Earth?  And, it is that, a frame, constructed from highly skewed exaggerations, half-truths, outright lies, and non-full disclosure of the real historical facts.

Could we not simply pause in this obviously weighty historical moment, take a breath, and recover our national sanity long enough to simply ask, “What are we really being enticed to sign on to, here?   If the hate filled rantings and the lawless intimidation tactics of Marxist-cultivated mobs in our streets is to become our new political process – then are we not, indeed, already a banana republic – less the republic? 

Is this the message we would send ahead to future American generations as to how best to govern ourselves?  Because, that is precisely what the political Left is pushing for with their cultivation, glorification, and protection of these lawless methods.

The better message to send to our posterity would be one of just change through the orderly use of our long proven system for doing so.  Our system and our laws have served us exceptionally well across our national growth process.  And, they can certainly deal with our present issues very effectively.  But, only if we do not allow a few sociopaths to cause us to break faith with their brilliant efficacy. 

Even America’s Average Joe knows that what is first being decided in this American moment is not the complexities of our national history or the issues of racism.  Rather, the first issue that we are now deciding is this.  “Will we, going forward, seek to be an ever more just nation by law and good order?  Or, will we choose to govern ourselves and guide our course by a constantly flaring mob militancy which will ever push aside that more noble and beneficial way?” 

There is really but one sane answer to this query.   And, in this present weighty moment, it really has become imperative that we stand against the seditious Left, in unison – black, white, red, yellow, and brown – to decisively make that good choice with both our voice and our vote.