Devil Works: Patrons of the Backroom

    The vignette which you are about to read is fiction.  But sadly, the realities which generated it are not.  In the New Testament, Jesus revealed a principle which inextricably applies to the destiny of every nation – whether for good or evil.  He said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  

Such a statement is one of those immutable principles established by the Creator to govern reality, itself. Thus, if we ignore its implications, especially in present-day America, we invite our own failure.

Washington is obviously now deeply divided.  Because of the unpredictability born of this division, we can no longer rest assured that what comes from Washington will truly keep faith with our previous sacrifices, gains, and proud history - or with the best interests of our strength, prosperity, and sovereignty, going forward.

This has all come to pass primarily through the seditious work of the Marxists who live among us under various masking banners and the pretense of patriotism – but who, in actuality, hate everything for which America stands.  The face of this seditious conglomerate of organizations and individuals has become the Democrat Party.  But, the hateful tentacles of these subversive groups and individuals reach much further throughout our society.   They cancerously touch and taint not only our seats of government, but also the hearts of our individual citizens, especially our younger citizens, through the various forms of media and all levels of our educational system.

There can be no doubt that this seditious movement has now become very strong in America. And, it is doing what Marxist always do, when they becomes numerically strong enough.  They remove the mask of pretense and become openly militant.  Thus, this seditious movement is now, undeniably, a very much out-in-the-open American reality.

And certainly, this undermining alliance between the Democrat party, the media, academia, and the bureaucratic deep state is, at all times, an imminent existential threat to this nation.  But, this is especially true during this present economic crisis.

In the coming election, if American voters fail to see through the hateful propaganda of these seditious “pot-stirrers and dividers” to profoundly denounce this movement, the “Darkness” will come for us.  I read recently, “What you don’t change - you choose.”

                   So, the story begins…

         It was a dimly lit room where the surgeon general’s warning was definitely not being heeded. Twenty high ranking Democrat men and three woman sat around a long central table in this smoky enclave mere blocks from the steps of the capital building.  Some were powerful politicians having reached the highest pinnacles of political achievement, both past and present.  And, some were the people who own powerful politicians.  Others held strategic positions in business, the media, academia, etc. And, all had been carefully vetted over long years, which afforded them the opportunity to attend this briefing by a deep cover political operative, who presently stood at the head of that long table. 

Before the briefer could actually begin, multiple and simultaneous queries began coming from the group.  Finally the operative raised his voice and simply blurted out, “The Chinese have given us a gift.  And, all we have to do is be smart enough and brave enough to take advantage of it.” 

His intention was to quell the boisterous overtalk.  And, it worked.  Immediately, there was a stunned silence around the table.

The man then continued, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  As you may have heard by now, the Chinese have done it again.  They’ve let loose another virus on the world.  But, this time we have a plan to take full advantage of this little gem to serve our purposes.  And, our team has asked you here tonight to seek your blessing on taking the plan forward.

“This new virus is called the Corona virus.  And, it is ragingly contagious.  But, in fact, it is simply not very virulent, after all.   It does not affect children at all.  And, for mid-range, healthy adults, the symptoms are, for the vast majority, quite light. They approximately mimic those of the flu, but again, typically they are not as severe.  Really, this virus only seriously threatens the medically disadvantaged and sophomoric to older seniors.”

“Sir, you do understand that you are talking to a bunch of those right now – right?” remarked a media mogul as he peered over his half-glasses.  His dry comment, meant to be flippant, met with only a few smiling grunts from around the table, just as he knew it would. 

Indeed, this man could easily anticipate this response because all of these people were tight.  They had known each other for years.  And, they had convened in many of these backroom, powerbroker meetings as they constantly attempted to tether American social and political currents around their own whims.  And, an undercurrent of cynicism was always typical. So, any sort of humor always found this crowd, a tough one.

It was also typical of these meetings that the only thing thicker in the room than the smoke was the aroma of arrogance emanating from high levels of testosterone and long spoiled egos.  And the female members of this backroom club were every bit the equal of the men in their conceit – also owing similarly to their long petted egos.

The operative continued, “I do, indeed, realize that all here are seniors, sir.  But, you are a very well protected group.  And, we would always see to that first.”

“So, how does it play out this time, man – better than the last few episodes I hope,” another gruff voice chided impatiently.  “Are you now going to involve us in the biological eradication of the species, just to get rid of one overbearing narcissist?”

“Well, he has proven to be a real scrapper, sir.   And, while I was watching the coyote set a trap for the roadrunner the other day, this idea came to me,” the briefer answered with the faintest smile.  And, then he paused.  And again, the room was stunned to silence – until slight smiles began to dawn around the table.

“The truth is I think we all under estimated him from the very beginning,” the briefer, now serious, began again.  “And, in all honesty, maybe we overestimated ourselves and our resources.  What we do is a complex business with always lots of space to go sideways.  But, I think this time we’ve got a really solid plan which will achieve more than you have even dreamed in our previous runs at him.”

“Well, I’m already nervous about any plan which has such a far flung structure as to involve the Chinese,” one aging lady lawmaker criticized.  “When it comes to a plan, that aspect doesn’t immediately elicit the word, ‘solid,’ in my mind.  

“What first comes to mind is ‘huge vulnerability.’  I simply don’t see why we need these long, dangling, international loose ends which, like Steele, can so easily turn out to be enough rope to hang us all.”

“Well, in this case ma’am,” the briefer countered, “it is really such a passive connection as to actually be non-existent.  The Chinese merely unknowingly provided us with this opportunity.  It is not like we cavorted with them in any way to produce or define our use of this virus.  We are simply taking advantage of their bumbling blunder which let it loose on the world.

“And, if I can just outline the simplicity and the huge benefits that we stand to gain,” the briefer continued, “I think you will then be very impressed by the plan.  And, let me start by letting all of you know that the person who put this new gambit together is our most successful black ops planner.  When this lady comes for you, you’re as good as gone.  She is absolutely the biggest gun in the armory.  And, she is completely devoted to what we’re trying to do here.” 

“Well, why are we just now getting around to using this gal’s talents?” another deep voice from the far end of the table asked. 

Without missing a beat, the briefer said, “Well, sir, this is Washington.  First comes that well-known “bathroom contest” to see which politician’s half-baked, off-the-wall ploy wins the day.  And then, true to our highest political traditions, only after all that amateurish stupidity is eventually exhausted, do we finally resort to competent professional help. 

“And so, thankfully, we have now arrived at this post-Mueller, post-Ukraine, post-impeachment phase of our efforts.  And, we now have this consummate professional ops planner who is completely eager to serve our ends.  And, once you have seen her work, I think you will agree that there is a vast difference in the quality of this new offensive, and those which preceded it.”

“I like this boy,” returned the same deep voice. “He’s just so very tactful.”  A few face-down smiles and nods seconded the man’s sarcastic assessment of the briefer, who, had now pretty much gotten full control of the room.

The operative then continued as if suddenly detached from all previous comments. “So, here are the high points of the plan.  The basic idea is to first put ‘our boy’ between a rock and a hard spot.  And, we will do that by simply confronting him, not with some endlessly debatable political issue, but with the high moral necessities of a serious national health concern.” 

“But, I thought you said that this virus isn’t that serious,” the same lady lawmaker again challenged.”   

“Well, it’s just as I described ma’am.  It is very limited in scope, regarding its mortality rate.  Depending on how well the vulnerable population is protected, it will be around that of the flu.  If that group is carefully protected, it could be even significantly less than the flu. 

“But, the key to our plan does not rest with the actual mortality rate.  It rests with this virus’s contagion level.  We will use that high infection rate, coupled with the fact that there is not presently a vaccine for this bug, to create the panic we need to do what we plan to do. 

“Obviously, we all know by now that you don’t need real substance to create real panic.  You just need enough believable and strategically placed voices which sound panicked to get the ball rolling – especially in this present culture.   

“And, fortunately, we have those voices.  When our experts and our boys and girls in the media get through massaging the reporting on this virus, it will sound as though this virus is akin to an extinction level event. 

“Fortunately, at present, there is very little metabolic data on this virus beyond what I’ve told you.  So, using a daily barrage of our expert talking heads, and our media people, we can very appropriately begin by simply speculating on the worst possible scenarios.  And, we can do so with constantly increasing levels of passion and concern.  

“Fear is an easy sell in America today.  So, we’ll cook the books on the numbers and spin the headlines our way.  And pretty quick, the land of the free and the home of the brave will become the land of the fearful and the home of the whimpering.

“And, already we know that, without question, this virus will, indeed, form into a world-wide pandemic regarding the number and disbursement of infections.  So, forget that sub-flu mortality rate.  We’ll see that those numbers are drowned out by the daily emphasis on the rocketing escalation of the infection numbers.  And besides, we do actually expect an unusually elevated death toll in countries like Japan, Italy, and Germany which have a significantly higher percentage of aged citizens.

“Also we will talk about the death toll in terms of maximum projections.  Don’t you just love the phrase, ‘there could be as many as...’.

“So, here is how it will all go down, once the pandemic level of infection becomes undeniable. And really, we’re already pretty much there.   At that point, we will simply march a delegation of irreproachable experts from the CDC over to the Oval Office.  The leadership of the group will be our people.  The rest will be zealous, but misinformed, dupes.   

“Thus, as they urgently wring their hands and wag their heads, these ‘unassailable experts’ will alert the President to the horror that has suddenly been born on the Earth and now imminently threatens the entire population of the nation.  And, be assured, ladies and gentlemen, the deep state does also exist in high places at the CDC.  We can make this happen,” the operative said with a distinct note of confidence in his voice.  

 “Many of their rank and file are off the deep end on this kind of stuff, anyway.  They’re like the Weather Channel people in really bad weather – they just can’t help but get more and more excited as their ‘fifteen minutes’ begins to unfold.  So, by the time the delegation gets to the Oval Office, our well placed friends at the CDC will have the whole bunch convinced that they are truly doing God’s work. 

“Now, think about this with me.  What could possibly be a nobler, and regarding motives, a more pristine concern for the Commander-in-Chief than a serious national medical emergency?  Such a thing is so completely free of any sinister political agenda.  A pandemic is not Republican or Democrat.  It is just a random phenomenon of the human experience. 

“Thus, this ploy carries not even a faint whiff of political motive or intrigue.  So, this new play against the President would be completely untainted by that previous stench.  And, because of that, as crafty as he is, this time, we will get this guy, ‘lookin.’ 

“And, this is that proverbial ‘hard spot’ that I mentioned, which we will intentionally bring the President up against.  He simply will not be able to escape the supreme responsibility of any presidency, to absolutely safe guard the actual physical well-being of the nation, at all cost.  

“Now, enter that destructive ‘rock’ which will smash his presidency to pieces.  It is the real cost attached to this presidential responsibility.  It is the complete demolition of the American economy that he so oft and loudly touts – and on which his presidency is so singularly dependent.”

“Are you kidding me?” one obviously agitated media mogul spoke up.  “Do you actually think Donald Trump would sacrifice this economy for anything?  Do you even know him?”

“Actually, we know him very well, probably better than he knows himself.  We have done a very extensive psychological profile on him.  And, here’s what we know to be an absolute certainty.  He always, always, always does what he perceives to be right and good for the people of this country.”

Instantly, a loud and disagreeable uproar swept over the group.  Up and down the table, disgust and head wagging erupted.  And, spontaneous sidebar comments broke out among the attendees and went on for a couple of minutes while the briefer just patiently waited and smiled.

Eventually, when this mild pandemonium died down a bit, the speaker started in again.  “It would seem that a few of you might disagree, somewhat, with that assessment,” the operative said, now with a broad smile.  “But, let’s be honest.  Isn’t that really why we’re all here.   He’s always out there doing what’s right for the country, when we’re all about doing what’s right for the world as a whole.

“Again, to understand Trump, one must look past his often coarse exterior.  And, honestly, few of us are really willing to do that.  But, when we do, what we discover is that Trump is a truly devoted idealist when it comes to the people of this country.  And, everything he does constantly backs up that idea. 

“And, though we may be loath to admit it, our biggest problem has turned out to be that the man has the courage of his convictions and the smarts to get it done.  And, Trump’s biggest problem is that we are really good at keeping him from getting the credit for all of that good stuff that he does for the country, which, again, cuts completely cross-grain to our own priorities and preferences.

“At any rate, trust me, or at least trust our experts who keep him constantly under a behavioral microscope, he will do the noble thing, here.  He want like it.  It will grate on him.  But he will do it.”

 “I must be missing something, here, son.” chimed in a money man from California near the speaker’s end of the table.  I just don’t see how the one thing begets the other.  How is a response to a virus going to destroy the economy, and in turn, the man's presidency?”

“And, that is the beauty of it all, sir, he won’t connect the dots either – at first.   As described, our well placed friends at the CDC will employ the agency to simply do what it does:  sound the alarm and direct the defenses against such dangers.  But this time, they will do it in a much more, shall we say, ‘prescribed way.’     

“So, at the appointed time, this gaggle of ‘well respected’ medical and science people will march into the Oval Office and basically ‘snow’ the president as to the nature of this emergency.  They will passionately present to the President, the exaggerated picture that our people previously present to them.  

“Essentially, what they will do for us is convince the President that there is a very deadly ‘lion’ on the prowl in our backyard.  But, the real kicker is that they will then persuade him that the only way to kill it is by dropping a nuclear bomb on it.  Then, once we successfully convince the man in the big chair to go big in  response to the virus, the whole situation will quickly begin to morph into a mixed-up ‘Chicken Little’ and ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ kind of a tale.

“Everyone, including the president, will start to truly believe that, indeed, ‘the sky is going to fall’ if we don’t do everything we possibly can to forestall this catastrophe.  And, as described earlier, the fear of it all will start to sell itself to the American public.  And, eventually, who would dare to disagree with the ‘emperor's view’ of reality? 

“And now, sir,” the briefer said, eyeing the California man who failed to see the connection earlier, “let me supply those missing dots for you, and even connect them.  When the public fear reaches the stratosphere, our implanted medical people will begin to progressively escalate the level of ‘necessary’ defensive measures.

“And, one of those escalations will be the widespread mandating of, not just personal distancing, but sheltering in place.  Our own governors will start the ball rolling on these 'stay at home' orders.  

"The Republicans will be quite pressured into following suite to also appear – well, you know how politicians like to appear.  And, all will then become a game of Leap-frog to see which politician, business leader, church official, etc., can appear to be the most conscientious protector of the public safety.

“At that point, factories will close.  Stores, restaurants, churches and other gathering places will close.  Events, big and small, will be cancelled or postponed.  Jobs will be lost.  Household incomes will come to an abrupt halt.  And, the markets will plummet.  And, all the economic gains which this President has made will be up in smoke.

“But, more than that, the country will be left in economic shambles.  An aid package, a huge aid package, will be needed to bring relief to the country.  And we all know how  we can pack those out with our own pet projects.  And, if we can but adequately prolong this thing, even more than one aid package will be required.  And finally, we will be able to break the financial back of this nation. 

“No more dabs and dribbles, throwing cash out the windows on every little pork barrel project we can find.  We will break the bank in one day, so to speak.  And then, all of the other dominoes will start to fall – from the loss of the Dollar’s designation as the World Reserve Currency, to hyperinflation, to maybe even a return to those infamous breadlines of yesteryear.

“And, from all of that chaos, our side will finally be able to take and hold power.  Then, we will be entirely able to fashion this nation into all that we have dreamed for it.  At last, it will be made to entirely behave before our world view.

“And, even if there should recur some brief breath of a national recovery, still, we yet have this wonderfully devastating new sociopolitical template.  So, all we have to do is just continue to manipulate the situation in order to extend it indefinitely, until we do finally and fully prevail.

The room was now thick with a heavy silence.  “I told you,” the briefer continued, “‘more than you have dared to dream.’  With this plan, we are at the door, not just of removing a spoiler president, but of entirely throwing off our own political shackles. 

“This new formula which has presented itself to us has the potential to bring the most dramatic and abrupt revolution to a world power, even this American superpower, in modern in history.  When one considers it, in one sense, this is exactly what Reagan did to break  the power of the Soviets Union.  He used the arms race to spend the Russians into oblivion.  But, who knew?  Come to find out, a pandemic can generate the same outcome by essentially the same means. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, the grand prize, which we thought yet lay on the other side of many more decades of subversive struggle, has now been placed, serendipitously, at our fingertips.   And again, best of all, there will not be even a whiff of political intrigue attached to these workings until it is too late to matter.  Until this is over, the only smell the American public will know is the distinctive smell of social ‘chloroform’ - the ‘fully justified’ and ‘desperately needed’ government money in their mailbox.”

The briefer then offered to take questions.  But, seemingly, at this point all minds were satisfied - or so preoccupied with their own, private imaginations that they just didn’t have enough “RAM” left to generate any questions.  So, the briefer took his seat beside his aid at the side of the room. 

When the vote was taken around this table of movers and shakers, the happy “Yea’s” were unanimous to go forward.  Nevertheless, eventually, history did harshly judge these backroom evil-doers who convinced the President and the American people, in this moment of highly cultivated fear, to lay waste to personal liberty and the national prosperity.  Fortunately for the country, however, their astute President did not remain convinced for very long.

He did, indeed, do the noble and necessary thing, just as predicted.  But, as usual, He also did the smart thing.  

Like some commanding general on a battlefield, he moved Heaven and Earth in the most astoundingly short time to meet the medical challenges of the virus.  Indeed, the brilliance of his performance in the midst of this crisis became instantly worrisome to his political foes. However, their public response to that stellar performance was to criticize, deny, and nit-pic.    

Nevertheless, the president did not simply address the medical needs.  He gathered the brightest financial minds in the country around himself and developed an economic recovery plan that was carefully crafted to first rescue American families and then create a sharply "V-shaped" national economic recovery plan to protect the unprecedented pre-Covid American prosperity. And, again his planning was perfect.  But, also again, it was met on the left by great resistance with blue state governors continuing to call for lock-downs long after they were actually necessary - if they ever were.

But, even the endless disparagement and propaganda of the Marxist media could not keep the nation from seeing the wonderful prowess of this President. So, the horrible political wound that the Left intended to inflict on Donald Trump, and worse, on the nation – one more time – turned out to be just one more painful shot to their own foot.

What the Left never understood, throughout the spectacular presidency of Donald Trump, was the simple reality that, indeed, God raised up America to serve His sovereign purposes in the new world.  And accordingly, He also raised up Donald Trump to guide this nation and those purposes through the time of his presidency. 

Thus, what always escaped the tin-heart of the Left was that they could not beat the American Spirit in Donald Trump, simply because they were not actually fighting against the American Spirit or Donald Trump.  What they never really got was that they were actually, all along, fighting against Almighty God and His divine purposes.  

Even as the Marxist left blatantly introduced rigged voting machines and stuffed ballot boxes on a widespread basis in the 2020 election, their final desperate attempt to oust Trump, this spectacularly standout president managed to give the nation his most valuable political achievement to date.  His courageous response to these treasonous Democrat actions provided the nation with a clear picture of the absolutely lawless and seditious nature of the Democrat party and the long entourage of bad actors connected to them.  

And, that same exposure also provided a panoramic view of just how widespread the sedition in America had become.  From universities, to big business, to big media, to state and federal government entities, to brainwashed Millennials - the abject disloyalty to Constitutional ideals was clearly exposed as rampant throughout the nations structure.    

So, even as the Dems stole what was surely a landslide Trump victory, yet, they remained entirely unaware of who their real adversary was.  Had they known what would be the ultimate outcome of their election treachery, their subsequent celebrations would have turned from joyous dancing to a "very big and horrified emotional "Oops" - and rightly so.  

Matching wits and resources with Almighty God is always going to ultimately turn out to be a very lopsided contest.  And, this backroom crowd was destined to discover this the hard way, even before the first one hundred days of the Biden administration were finished.

The End