Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Puppeteers

Where there is an earthquake, there is an epicenter.  And, that epicenter is where the real force of the outflow movements are concentrated.  And, to be sure, the same is true of the sociopolitical movements which are occurring in America, right now.  They are being caused by a very well developed and well organized central force. 

I am an ordinary, born and bred, U.S. citizen of 70 years.  I am a person of no great reputation.  And, I fully expect to die in anonymity.  But, what I am not, is stupid. 

When I look at what is presently going on in America, it is very obvious that there are very real “puppeteers” pulling the strings of our more naive population in these herky-jerky times.  And certainly, there have always been manipulative movers and shakers who have attempted to do the same.  But, in prior times, they were not so well armed with degenerate media and public school systems, Facebook, Twitter, and a national “propaganda news” platform etc.  And now, they are. 

And obviously, these “string pullers” know very well how to employ these new advantages at this very strategic time – a time when we have several character-deficient generations in play.  And, even this strategic timing is no accident. 

These burgeoning “puppet generations” have actually been carefully fashioned by the very puppeteers who now manipulate their every move.  For decade upon decade, American children have been unwittingly bombarded from every direction with the hypocritical values of these who have now become their psychological overlords.  From the cartoons they watched as children, to godless public schools, to even more devilish universities, our younger population has been taught, “Reject all previous values and establish your own, based solely in your own nobility of thought.”

And sadly, the puppeteers have been so effective in their subtlety that these puppet generations actually believe they are doing that.  But, in fact, they are really just mindlessly responding to the long implanted values of the string pullers.  

And so, every day the puppets join their peer puppet group on Facebook, or Twitter, or in the propaganda news newsroom to obediently embrace whatever party line they are to be fed before they move on in service to the puppeteers for that day.  And, every day, when this sad process is finished, they adjudge it to have been, indeed, “noble.”

Thus, we are left with these burgeoning generations which can no longer tell the difference between true good and evil, true right and wrong because their minds and hearts have been so co-opted in this way.   And, what they don’t know, and sadly, may never know, is that true nobility of thought and action only ever flow out of a personal and abiding connection to the larger moral reality – not the absence of that connection. 

But then, we must remember – they are puppets.  And, puppets don’t really think, do they?  They just jump when their string is pulled.