American Prospectus II

Unveneered  6/29/2021

My understanding of Truth is that it is simply “the correct interpretation of reality.” So, in my own life, I always try to strip away the blurring veneers created by bias, spin, and the rose colored glasses etc., so I can correctly understand life’s realities and thereby make good decisions.

 In applying that method to today’s America, here’s how I have come to interpret her present reality. We are in one more huge “pickle.”

Our president is entirely clueless and careless. Our law makers are often law breakers. Our juris prudence is in shreds. The needle is missing from our moral compass. The Church is largely out to lunch. Our younger generations, as a whole, are buying into dark reinterpretations of their heritage and the character of their country. 

Our national courage now cowers before Dr. Fauci’s every pronouncement. Our borders are collapsing and our Dollar is quickly following suit. Our largest minority has become un-invested illegal aliens. 

China has the key to the safe which holds our intellectual and technological properties. And, our “worker bees” no longer do. They just stand by the mail box and wait for their government check.

So, the un-veneered reality seems to be this. Our once prosperous, stable, and world leading western democracy is now on the verge of spinning completely out of control – and maybe out of existence. And, how could we not, if this is the best leadership we can produce and the best citizens we can be.

My view of reality is that we are now in the throes of making a choice between "sour" or "sweet." It seems either we will choose to passively double down on the devilish liberal stupidity which brought us to this place. Or, we will decisively choose to return, with heart-felt respect, to the only being in the Universe big enough to avert this now imminent American catastrophe – that being Almighty God.

The root mistake which has spawned all of our national troubles is the belief that even the most minimal investment in God’s druthers satisfies Him. That is, however, a profoundly flawed interpretation of reality.

What's Missing  05/14/21

I’m a healthy 72 year old – for the moment.  And, I have been in the ministry for almost 50 of those years.  So yep, in this suddenly new world, awash with tin-hearted whippersnappers, I’m pretty much a “dinosaur” – and I know it. 

 Nevertheless, for the last 5 decades now, I have been deeply absorbed in what I consider an important and very noble pursuit, which is to help people come to a true and enduring state of good-standing before God.  And, in that long pursuit, I’ve learned to first take stock of people’s ambient emotional condition to accurately estimate their real readiness for that life-changing challenge.

 A long time back, as is typical for dinosaurs, I learned that there is, in fact, an emotional condition which necessarily precedes that life-transforming faith decision. To truly embrace, through Christ, God’s values, His truth, and His daily directions for one’s life, requires a real and driving “Desperation.”

 It’s simple, really.  Desperation produces a profound level of humility.  This then, sets the stage for that truly redemptive faith decision – the sincere determination to live a thoroughly humble life before God, going forward, in those ways described above. 

 But, therein lies the problem of a wise ole’ dinosaur walking amid a bunch of self-absorbed whippersnappers.  I can clearly see, in my church, my community, and my nation, that this driving desperation for God’s truly impactful friendship is now widely missing. 

 And, this missing desperation for that renewing intervention also means that the humility which enables that renewal is widely missing too.  Thus, instead of vibrant faith, the much too typical response to God in these times is ignorance, apathy, and/or minimal investment.

 But, not to worry.  The “remedy” is already on its way.  In the Biden administration, God has already found a happily willing instrument which will soon cultivate that needed degree of desperation – at all levels of American life. 

 So, at least for many, vibrant faith will soon be occurring again.  And, even some whippersnappers might actually learn this very essential life-lesson:  the importance of always desperately pursuing, rather than casually dismissing, God’s favor.

The Lessons of 2020  11/16/20

So, let’s see, what have we learned in 2020.  Well, certainly, we’ve learned that a good virus is useful to most everyone.  It’s useful to the Chinese, Russians, and American Socialist to destroy the American economy.  It’s useful to ivory tower “experts” as a means to their 15 minutes.  It’s useful to Andrew Cuomo to efficiently reduce the population of New York’s Retirement Homes.  And, it’s useful to Democrats to generate illegal ballots in order to steal elections.  And, it’s just generally useful, because it is so easily repeated, as needed.

 We’ve also learned that there’s really no difference between mob violence and peaceful protests in the netherworld of the American liberal media.  We’ve discovered that American laws only have teeth in states colored red.  And, we’ve learned that D.C. is, indeed, the largest and most intractable “swamp” in the continental US – or anywhere else, for that matter.

 We’ve also learned that the deep state is not really that deep.  It’s actually quite visible in all our halls of power on any given day.  We’ve learned that congressional hearings are really just made-for-TV events to generate ratings for networks and narcissistic legislators.

 We’ve also learned that Joe and Hunter Biden are absolutely innocent of all charges – but only if Joe actually succeeds to the presidency.  We’ve learned that votes can be bought with completely empty promises; and, that the phrase “well-informed voter” is typically a contradiction in terms in many of our larger cities.

 We’ve learned that China is really not our friend.  But, we’ve also learned that, as bad as they are, they’re still better cohorts than are Washington Democrats. At least they generate revenues, instead of wasting them.

 And, we have finally discovered in 2020, what post-election street celebrations are supposed to celebrate.  Apparently, they’re for celebrating a return to the disintegration of the rule of law, bureaucratic Apartheid, "legally" corrupted elections, the weaponization of our laws, the renewed corruption of government, a broken economy, more smothering regulations, exponentially higher taxes, and the international “chumphood” of America.

 What we didn’t learn in 2020?  Democrat deja vu = cascading national pain.

Nobility 10/28/20

The Model
Nobility is a trait to which people of every age have traditionally aspired.  But, nobility is also a concept that is easily twisted into something that is, by no sane definition, “noble.”

I believe this is what we are seeing on a widespread basis in America today.  I can find no nobility in taking the lives and burning the property of others.  I cannot find even an iota of nobility in diminishing law enforcement in a society because criminals are inadvertently harmed in the act of committing crimes.  And, no matter how noble sounding their name, there is nothing noble about militant groups which abridge the right of others to peacefully speak their mind, choose their governance, and pursue their personal version of happiness.

 True nobility does not reside in mere sentiment.  It resides in means and outcomes which can stand up to the scrutiny of the larger moral reality.  If one must dismiss that larger moral picture to become noble in their actions, they are not noble, at all.  They are deluded.   

These days it seems, as a whole, our more recent generations, are especially susceptible to the call of this kind of nobility which holds no view of the larger reality.  “Come join the movement!” seems to be about all that’s needed to turn many of them into mindless puppets, sold out to the money and whims of elitist social puppeteers who then pull their strings as they see fit.

 Our streets, our schools, our churches, and our government are presently full of such character deficient people.  And, the impact of their numbers has now become “un-ignorable.”  And, that will only increase until we eventually succumb, if we cannot effect a widespread U-turn back to principled personal behavior.  

 Indeed, from Wall Street, to our universities, to Capitol Hill we have sold our national soul to the momentary and monetary expedient – all, while God calls to us, in Christ, to return to the true safety and fulfillment provided by His moral authority.  Nevertheless, it’s likely that this Sunday, for too many, “soccer” will still seem nobler than Sunday School.

Wrong Way, America   7/29/20

America, have you not noticed?  You are definitely headed in the wrong direction.  Just look at how things are going.  Think about the stress you’re feeling from all the painful issues that now daily intrude upon your peace of mind. And, consider how little control you have over any of it.  Let’s face it, my friends, you’re feeling an emotional and circumstantial squeeze that is getting tighter and tighter every day. 

And, here’s the simple truth of it all.  You are now experiencing the unwanted and the unintended, simply because you made a wrong turn earlier in believing a stupid, but pleasant sounding, lie.  And, this is that demonic lie which was first told in the Garden of Eden, “You are your own best hope for personal fulfillment in this life.”

How arrogant can you be, America?  Do you really believe that you can control the absolute randomness of this life?  Do you really think that in this highly competitive existence, there is not always somebody out there who can best you and defeat your dreams to substantiate their own?  Is it really possible that you are such a “Superman” that nothing totally devastating can touch you?  Dr. Phil might say at this point, “Well, how is all of that working for you, Superman?”

Obviously, not so good, it would seem.  The politicians you hired to protect you and look out for your interests are now just mostly looking out for their own.  The “Corona Pig” is on your back every day.  Your way of life is becoming less and less virtuous and more and more violent.  Your national and personal finances are in danger of collapsing on any given day without warning.  The goods and services you once took for granted are now sporadically available at best.  And the social and political ground under your feet is now quacking with explosive pressure.

Maybe it’s time to quit kidding yourself, America.  If you were really Superman you would be “bullet proof.”  But, very obviously, you are not.  And neither are you, your own best hope in this life.   Christ, who can connect you to the love of Almighty God is your best hope for true personal fulfillment.  

So, maybe it’s now time, America, to climb down off your game playing high-horse, ask Christ’s forgiveness for your arrogance, and start again – this time genuinely guiding your life by His values, His Truth, and His whispered daily directions for your life.  Trusting and genuinely experiencing the loving daily companionship of the Living Jesus is where the pain stops and true fulfillment comes to your life.  His fulfilling companionship is exponentially better than the daily pain which sprouts from your delusional self-sufficiency.

Dr. Kings Remedy  6/1/20

What we’re presently watching in the country is not legitimate protest. And, it certainly attaches no noble cause. This is just politically Cultivated Rage. And the worst part is how easily it has come about.

The seditious Left has done its “Pot Stirring” and Divide-and-Conquer work very well, especially in our Democrat controlled larger cities and states. And now, we're getting a really good look at where their efforts are taking us.

In case anyone is yet unaware, it is "down the rabbit hole," where insanity rules and a quality life becomes a distant memory. But, you know, we could choose not to fall for this treachery.

We could simply choose to continue to do what the vast majority of us learned to do a long time back - at Dr. King's behest. We could just continue assessing people simply by the “content of their character” - just as the beloved doc prescribed.

And, as a whole, America has, indeed, learned to look within the individual – rather than at their superficial externals. And, we should give ourselves credit for this important national achievement, instead of kowtowing to politically spawned propaganda and misinformation spewed through a mob voice.

America is long past any national character flaw of racism. That is the true and present reality which the vast majority of our citizens anecdotally prove every single day, across this land.

Absolute perfection, in any nation of people, is simply not achievable. But, we do have a very adequate system of laws which efficiently takes care of those tragic exceptions which do occasionally occur.

Obviously, Dr. King very well understood the remedy for racism in a nation. It is simply to stop making race the issue - at all.  Rather, his remedy was to make character the issue and the bedrock basis for all of our interpersonal relationships. And his way worked.

Ironically, however, that is the very test which militant street heathens, who loot and burn, cannot pass. But, that's entirely on them - just as Dr. King and the King of kings, indicated that it should be.

Divided  5/12/20

In the New Testament, Jesus revealed a principle which inextricably applies to the destiny of every nation – whether for good or evil.  He said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Such a statement is one of those immutable principles established by the Creator to govern reality, itself. Thus, if we ignore its implications, especially in present-day America, we invite our own failure.

Washington is obviously now deeply divided.  Because of the unpredictability born of this division, we can no longer rest assured that what comes from Washington will truly keep faith with our previous sacrifices, gains, and proud history - or with the best interests of our strength, prosperity, and sovereignty, going forward.

This has all come to pass primarily through the seditious work of the Marxists who live among us under various masking banners and the pretense of patriotism – but who, in actuality, hate everything for which America stands.  The face of this seditious conglomerate of organizations and individuals has become the Democrat Party.  But, the hateful tentacles of these subversive groups and individuals reach much further throughout our society.   They cancerously touch and taint not only our seats of government, but also the hearts of our individual citizens, especially our younger citizens, through the various forms of media and all levels of our educational system.

There can be no doubt that this seditious movement has now become very strong in America. And, it is doing what Marxist always do, when they becomes numerically strong enough.  They remove the mask of pretense and become openly militant.  Thus, this seditious movement is now, undeniably, a very much out-in-the-open American reality.

And certainly, this undermining alliance between the Democrat party, the media, academia, and the bureaucratic deep state is, at all times, an imminent existential threat to this nation.  But, this is especially true during this present economic crisis.

In the coming election, if American voters fail to see through the hateful propaganda of these seditious “pot-stirrers and dividers” to profoundly denounce this movement, the “Darkness” will come for us.  I read recently, “What you don’t change - you choose.”