American Prospectus I

Surely, There’s Another Way  

I have little hope of actually gaining the President’s ear.  But, should I, this would be my counsel.

 I know that we initially had no choice but to rely on so-called “experts.”  But we must also bear in mind that these experts come from the same pool who designed the medical models which were originally so completely inadequate.          

            And, I would confess that I have started to seriously question both the origins and motives which are really driving this outlandish response to the virus.  I don’t know when pandemonium became the antidote for pandemic.  The prescriptions of these “experts” are so devastating to our way of life – and so completely unnecessarily so. 

            So, I would ask the President to consider this alternative path.  Lose those universal stay-home orders and just begin to stringently FOCUS ON AND PROTECT ONLY THE TRULY VULNERABLE.  And, let our sturdier citizens immediately go back to functioning normally in non hot-spot regions – but with seriously enhanced behavior, such as personal distancing and heightened medical hygiene. 

            Then, for those vulnerable, must-stay-home citizens, immediately raise up care-givers to monitor their day-to-day well-being and serve their ordinary needs.  This could be done efficiently by federally bolstering and temporarily broadening access to the Home Health Care system – a system already in wide use across the county.  And, we could easily raise up neighbor-to-neighbor and family connections to help with monitoring and their practical needs like shopping.

            This approach would greatly protect our most vulnerable citizens.  But, it would also leave the workforce, essentially, intact and virtually unchecked.  The most vulnerable among us are not even in the workforce.

            And, obviously, we would need to continue to practice safe conduct such as personal distancing etc.  And, anyone who wanted to could simply self-quarantine.  But, those measures would not be nearly so devastating to both the workforce and the economy as what’s coming.

            So, I would advise the President that what we are presently doing just isn’t right.  The coming, astronomically expensive bailout could easily have the same impact on us as when President Reagan brought down the Soviet Union in the 80’s – using the arms race, to spend them into oblivion.
            The Coronavirus is here.  So, let’s make our supreme stand against Death, not Infection.  Let’s adamantly protect our truly vulnerable.  And then, as in any war, ask our sturdier citizens to take on what is, for them, a serious but manageable level of risk, to courageously defend our prosperity and our hope-filled way of life.  If we don’t, who will – our one dimensional “experts,” or the liberal media, who’s fondest wish it to break the economic back of this nation?  Seemingly, not.

A Circus

On May 5, 1818 something happened which, seemingly, forever changed the world – for the worse.  Karl Marx was born.  Out of this man’s tormented life came the devilish tenets of socialism and communism which promise so much, but have always served humanity so poorly – leaving whole societies devastated and well over 100,000,000 dead, to date. 

Yet, the destructive ideas of Marx just won’t die. In each new generation, they find renewed vitality by feeding on naivety, ignorance, and desperation.  Like some killer virus, Marxism continues to infect the unenlightened with the false promise of a utopian society, where everyone will be completely safe and well cared for by a just and benevolent socialist government. 

And, the seditious tactics are always the same.  First, cultivate the righteous anger of the devotees.  Then, show them the “bad guys.”  Point out who or what they can hate.  Then, direct these angry, disgruntled people to demand change, to become militant activists, to strategically infiltrate a society - its governing bodies, its educational system, its social organizations, its religious groups, its media, etc. 

Then, through those positions of influence, the Marxists begin to gradually cut the threads, one unnoticed stitch at a time, until the society finally begins to come apart.  Then, out of that chaos, a socialist oligarchy grabs power, reneges on their every promise, and puts their murderous boot on the throat of any who oppose them.

Since World War II, one can easily observe this now well advanced scenario successfully playing itself out in America.  And this sedition will continue except we again embrace what our founders understood very well: That a free nation must be primarily governed by godly virtue in the heart of its citizens. Otherwise, government intrusion will grow to fill that vacuum – gradually erasing all liberty.

Clearly, some part of our nation is already “coming apart at the seams.” It is that gullible and mutinous part which subscribes to the empty promises of socialism.  Already, they’ve turned our governance into a circus of rage, complete with grotesque political clowns, which only a national return to godliness can remedy.

Capitalism’s Bridge Too Far

Capitalism has proven to be, hands down, the best economic system ever.  Socialism, communism, and all the other “ism’s” don’t even come close to such broad-based wealth.  But, unadulterated capitalism certainly has its limitations.

To brutally oversimplify the capitalist idea, it’s where everybody competes in the best way they can for the biggest share of the financial pie they can get - and the Devil take the leavins’.  And, that works fine for Ferrari Cars and refrigerators, or any other such not-necessary-to-sustain-life products.  Great, make all the stuff you can, sell all the stuff you can, for all the money you can get – and, more power to you, Mr. Capitalist. 

But, in a sane and just society, such motives must always remain unacceptable regarding things which are necessary to sustain human life, or its basic quality, such as drugs or medical care of that sort. And, herein lies a huge, but very fixable, flaw in American capitalism.  It is in mistakenly applying those materialistic motives to moral issues: specifically, critical drugs and health care. 

So, very mistakenly, the pharmaceutical industry presently sees their exorbitant profits, literally extorted from desperate people, as merely “business as usual” gains.  And, from pharmaceutical manufactures, to pharma investors, to, Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers (industry middle men), to doctors who take kick-back’s to prescribe new brands, to big insurance with constantly shrinking coverage, to the best politicians the industry can buy – there is plenty of legitimate blame to go around.

In truth, it is just morally wrong, even in a capitalistic society for lawmakers and industry leaders to ignore the harm being inflicted on the “little guys” simply because the “big guys” don’t have the ethical acumen, or will, to see the difference between material issues and moral issues.
The present posting of Consumer Reports notes that, in 2019, 50 separate pieces of legislation aimed at lowering drug prices were introduced in Congress.  Yet, not one was signed into law. 

A do-nothing Congress has real consequences for real people.  Maybe it’s time for the little guys to grow big fangs regarding high drug prices and an off-the-rails Congress.

One More Election

When I was a boy, I spent no small amount of time trying to master the art of spinning a top.  I would carefully wrap the string around the top, only to watch it flip and flop out of control 9 times out of 10 when I threw it.  But, on the rare occasion when it did actually spin perfectly around its central axis, it was a joy to behold. 

But, even when the top spun perfectly, one thing always occurred.  Near the end of its spin, the top became noticeably unstable.  It started oscillating from one side to the other, just before it fell over onto its side and stopped spinning altogether.

It strikes me that I am now seeing that same kind of precursor movement embodied in the present impeachment actions of the congress.   It seems obvious that this nation has already lost the “axis of its spin” – which, for any nation, is its commonly held values.

By definition, Conservatives cherish those established values as laid out in our constitution and, to a lesser degree, in our widely shared traditions:  free speech, capitalism, etc.  On the other hand, the Left easily dismisses, and even militantly attacks, those long consecrated principles and traditions to experiment with new (though not necessarily better) things like marxist socialism.

And, in these times, the Left is well positioned to pursue that attack as they dominate our media, and our universities, our larger cities, our minorities, our coastal regions and the minds of our largest voter generation:  Millennials.  Thus, we now see and feel the nation’s serious oscillation as the Left throws it weight around in Congress.

In the last election, the Left knew that one more presidential win was all they needed to finalize their marxist, globalist grip on America.  That is why they are now so incensed by President Trump.  His election snatched away their prize just at the last moment.  And, every day he is in office, he costs them hard won gains.

A Powerful Weapon      

There is a very powerful weapon which has no caliber dimension.  It is quiet.  It does not involve gunpowder, at least, not at first.  And yet, this weapon has probably maimed and destroyed the lives of more people, over time, than any other.  From the Spanish Inquisition, to the Third Reich, to New York’s City Council, this is the weapon that bad people put to the head of whole societies.

 This very effective weapon is simply – The Law.  Once the ability to make and manipulate law falls into the hands of unprincipled people like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, and a whole host of Democrat lawmakers, they are then able to do as they please, as we presently see.  Justice, basic fairness, and ethical principles no longer matter.  "What I want to do," becomes all that really matters when one holds the power to make the rules. 

 And, indeed, this militant weaponization of the law to pervert, rather than serve and protect, justice, is not just a momentary aberration with Democrats.  It is the very template of their political operations.  For example, we have only to listen to both the tone and the substance of the speeches spewing out of Burney Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Beto O’Rourke, to easily note their intention to use the law against the less empowered, once they become the greatly empowered.

 From dictating the size of your soft drink, to violently taking away your means of self-defense, to raising taxes to astronomical levels, to deciding whether or not you are qualified for a medical procedure, to killing unborn and newborn children, to erasing our national borders, to wastefully giving away our national wealth and capacity for success through bad trade deals, to “railroading” a duly elected president from office, it’s the law which has the power to do all of this, and more. 

Surely, we should be extremely careful to only ever surrender such an awesome weapon to very highly principled lawmakers.  However, if that were the case, I’m pretty sure all present day Washington Democrats would fail such a background check – hands down. 

A Question

What is sustaining today’s Democrat Party?  What enables it to continue?  I have been very observant of their political positions and tactics for decades now.  And, I simply cannot figure out what moves otherwise intelligent people to become and stay Democrats.

And, I’m not really thinking so much about Washington, New England, and West Coast Democrats.  It seems obvious that those regions have succumbed to a kind of mob mechanism.  In those areas it appears that divergence has become so dangerous to one’s personal status quo (job, social standing, etc.) that most people are forced to go along, just to get along.

But, for the rest of the country where free speech and free thought are still a reality, I’m puzzled. I just can’t see what could possibly cause a reasonable person to follow this oppressive, hateful, and deceitful party leadership which now embraces the most abhorrent things and is grossly intolerant of individual dissent.

This is a party which promotes the killing of unborn, and even newborn, children – abhorrent actions to any sane mind.  It is a party which would gut the most broadly prosperous nation on Earth by replacing its wildly successful Capitalistic economic system with Socialism, which has never worked, and by nature must, and indeed, has always become oppressive of the masses under its influence. 

Democrats advocate for Globalism over national borders, believing that such a one world circumstance (which removes all barriers to wide spread of human depravity) is better than individualized cultures (which serve to buffer and baffle such pandemics).  It’s as if they have no awareness of a human history filled with cruel “Hitlers” inflicting unbridled suffering. 

This party now wishes for, works toward, and exemplifies a culture which would extinguish faith, family structure, and moral and ethical absolutes.  It is a party which treats “nationalism,” as a dirty word, and uses it to disparage American patriotism.

From completely fabricated impeachment charges, to wildly exaggerated climate claims, to The Green New Deal, it all just leaves me wondering.  What in the world could be attracting otherwise intelligent people to such ideological madness?

The Foundations

In Psalm 11, the writer posed this question.  “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  It would seem that in these very dishonored American times perhaps we should revisit that age old question in the interest of a brutally honest reality check.  Indeed, what are we doing to the foundations which sustain us as a people, what are we quietly allowing others to do to them, and what options will be left, even to conscientious people, should our national foundations be entirely destroyed?

For example, what are we doing when we elect people whose ambition is not a sincere and limited term of service to their country, but who desire a career by which their country serves them for a life time?  And, what are we doing when we carelessly allow them to disappear down the “rabbit hole” that is Washington D. C. and do next nothing to solve our nation’s problems and enable her aspirations?

On this very day, with our southern border at grave risk, our immigration laws in shambles, our law enforcement officers being openly challenged in the streets by anarchists and hoodlums, our free speech being threatened by ideological militants at our political rallies, in our universities, in our corrupt press, and in social media – nevertheless – Congress is on a six week vacation.

Every day now, our country is being further divided, not by legitimate differences or grievances, but by ideological spin doctors and pot stirrers merely looking for political advantage and personal profit at great expense to the nation’s cohesion and social health – nevertheless – Congress is on a six week vacation.  And sadly, their presently undetectable approval rating would seem to indicate that most of us now actually prefer them on vacation instead of coming into what they call “work” (politically corrupt investigations and leisurely lunches).

The foundations of a strong and healthy republic are its just laws, its truly ethical people, its unity, and its sovereignty.  May God help us to newly embrace and passionately defend these foundations now, before the viability of our American ideals entirely perishes with them.

I Was Entirely Mistaken  

I am not a Democrat or a Republican.  I am an independent voter who seeks to make political decisions in the best interest of my faith, my country, and my family - in that order.  I use that order because I have realized that sometimes we must commit to personal sacrifice for the greater good.

I once thought that most Americans shared this view.  I am now convinced that, if this was ever true, it is no longer true today in the majority.  I believe that today the majority of Americans, serve only their personal, momentary expedient regarding morality, social interactions, and politics.

What happened in the U S Senate on Monday only underscores this thought.  The senate was unable to pass the bill introduced by Senator Ben Sasse, of Nebraska, which protected the life of our newborn children.  The bill made it a crime to intentionally kill a child (for any reason) which had just been born alive.  The bill failed to pass because only 3 Democrats were willing to vote in favor of protecting our newborns from a segment of our society which has gone morally insane.

I have long known that the Democrat Party was a party of grievance politics.  For my lifetime (70 years), at least, they have merely cobbled together various people groups who feel they have been wronged or disadvantaged somehow by society.  And the Dems have been able to successfully coalesce these grievance groups into an effective political machine to gain and maintain political power. 

But, that’s about all they’ve done, really.  Democrats have not solved our large and inner city problems which they have largely controlled.  They have created greater racial tensions – not less.  They have created economic problems wherever they have held power.  And, they have dragged down the moral, character, and international standing of the country every time they have been entrusted with national leadership.

But, I always thought there was a line out there somewhere, that the Democrat constituency would not cross merely to achieve their personal interests.  Monday’s vote in the senate indicates that I was entirely mistaken.

The Puppeteers  

Where there is an earthquake, there is an epicenter.  And, that epicenter is where the real force of the outflow movements are concentrated.  And, to be sure, the same is true of the sociopolitical movements which are occurring in America, right now.  They are being caused by a very well developed and well organized central force. 

I am an ordinary, born and bred, U.S. citizen of 70 years.  I am a person of no great reputation.  And, I fully expect to die in anonymity.  But, what I am not, is stupid. 

When I look at what is presently going on in America, it is very obvious that there are very real “puppeteers” pulling the strings of our more naive population in these herky-jerky times.  And certainly, there have always been manipulative movers and shakers who have attempted to do the same.  But, in prior times, they were not so well armed with degenerate school systems, Facebook, Twitter, and a national “propaganda news” platform etc.  And now, they are. 

Obviously, these “string pullers” know very well how to employ these new advantages at this very strategic time – a time when we have several emerging generations which are largely soulless.  And, even this strategic timing is no accident. 

These burgeoning “puppet generations” have actually been carefully fashioned by the very puppeteers who now manipulate their every move.  For decade upon decade, our children have been unwittingly bombarded from every direction with the hypocritical values of these who have now become their psychological overlords.  From the cartoons our children watched, to godless public schools, to even more devilish universities, our younger population has been taught, “Reject all previous values and establish your own, based solely in your own nobility of thought.”

And sadly, the puppeteers have been so effective in their subtlety that these puppet generations actually believe they are doing that.  But, in fact, they are really just mindlessly responding to the string pullers.  And so, every day they join their peer puppet group in the Facebook, or Twitter, or the propaganda news coral to swallow whatever moral slop they may be fed before they move on in whatever direction the puppeteers may decide on, for that day.  And, every day, when this sad process is finished, they adjudge it to have been, indeed, “noble.”

Thus, we are left with these burgeoning generations which can no longer tell the difference between true good and evil, true right and wrong because they recognize nothing larger than themselves and the one small moment of time in which they are living.  What they don’t know, and likely never will, is that true nobility of thought and action only ever flows out of an abiding connection to the larger moral reality – not the absence of that connection. 

But then, we must remember – they are puppets.  And, puppets don’t really think, do they?  They just jump when their string is pulled.

An Open Letter to Law Enforcement 

To the true “Blue Bloods” of our society – Thank you for your stellar service.  It is so very much appreciated by those who are conscientious and lawful in American society.  The real facts, and the true numbers and statistics regarding police actions, very clearly confirm just how conscientious, balanced, and professional you are in doing your job every day in this diverse and complex society.

It is a well understood tactic among the elitist social experimenters of our time that in order to remake a society, you must first divide its people in order to break down its unified resistance to forced change.  And this tactic is most easily employed along gender, racial, and economic lines to shatter a nation into nothing more than a group of weak and chaotic opposition groups.  And, in these dark days of so called “Progressive” leadership that is exactly what is occurring. 

It is a tactic as old as Cain and Able.  Instead of acknowledging the positive and seeking to employ and build on that, the “Progressives” find it easier to exaggerate the small negatives to the point that they become outright lies.  But, informed and balanced people in this nation know very well that there is no widespread “War on Women,” no “White Supremacy Attitude,” no “Justice System Bias,” and no “American colonialism” in present day America.   

These are all just straw men, set up by Progressive “spin men” to divide us and destroy our national integrity.  And, except for the normal parade of “Progressive” minions, the only ones who really buy into these myths are the lazy, the ner’ do wells, the anarchists, and a bunch of inexperienced college kids who just go where the party is. 

Sadly however, your reputation is just the latest to be damaged by this hate-spewing “Progressive” propaganda machine in their assault on American integrity and nobility.  But, here’s the thing.  If all they have are a small number of completely accidental and unintended deaths of lawbreakers who were in the act or violently resisting arrest – It would seem the thin blue line is still noble – and praise God for it – and for all of you.