Friday, February 4, 2022

The Cost of Rose


Humility – the willingness to bow. Faith – the willingness to bow before God. Love – a sense of responsibility for the well-being of others. Duty – the willingness to engage responsibility. Honor – the willingness to be accountable to the higher conscience. Honesty – the determined embrace of objective truth. Morality – a willingness to live nobly. Temperance – the willingness to confront the worth of your own desires.

The phrases written above are not precise dictionary definitions of the virtues mentioned there. They are more a practical description of the real character impacts which those virtues produce in us – and ultimately, in our world.

But lately, it seems we’ve started to believe that we can just dismiss the Godly requirement of a virtuous heart which actually produces virtuous living. It seems we’ve started to think of such character issues as just too much trouble and not really that necessary to these “digital” times. So seemingly, we feel we can do fine without that inconvenience.
At this point, Dr. Phil would probably ask, “Well – how’s that working for you?” And, in the sane reality which always has the last word over the rose colored one, the answer would have to be, “It’s really not.”

Merely for the lack of virtuous hearts, our national government has mutated from protective to threatening. Our Justice Department and its FBI minions have entirely lost their ethical way. Our national identity is being drained away through our southern border. And, the “home of the brave” has become filled with Covid obsessed Chicken Littles.

Due only to the absence of virtue in the heart of those who have the power to make a difference, the value of our dollar is plummeting. The price of our goods and services is skyrocketing. Our educators no longer do. Our medical system has sold its soul to the bottom line. And, our work force is out on a long, lazy, government subsidized break.
It is true. A devotion to virtue does have a cost, but not nearly the cost of the upheaval which results from its absence. And virtue’s paybacks are proven and priceless.