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Monday, March 15, 2021

Where America Is Going - And Why

             What does it look like when God comes to the end of His patience with a wayward nation and finally steps back?  There is actually a good picture of such in the Bible.  It occurred on the occasion of God’s commission to Isaiah and His explanation of what the prophet was about to encounter.

             This occasion well demonstrates the look of God’s “end point.”  This is that point where a nation has become so willfully indifferent toward God and the principled lives which He would ask them to live, that the Almighty says, “Enough is enough.”  At the beginning of Isaiah’s ministry, Israel had largely become that nation – a people who no longer seriously pursued God or the foundational character issues which He wished them to embrace.

             Isaiah’s account indicates that everything started with a divine question.  He writes, “Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?’

            "Then I said, ‘Here am I! Send me.’

            "And He said, 'Go, and tell this people, hear indeed, but understand not; and see indeed, but perceive not.  Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.’”


            It’s important to understand that what God was expressing to the prophet here was not a divine decree of outcome, but a disgusted prediction of it – based in Israel’s previous stubbornness.  The essential idea was this.  Tell this people for Me - One final time, I’m sending you the truth, so one more time, you can close your eyes and shut your ears and insulate your heart against it, instead of embracing it in order to be healed.  Thus, if the reader simply adds the inflection of disgust and sarcasm to God’s voice as he or she reads this passage, it actually adds greater accuracy and understanding to the reading.


            Then comes Isaiah’s question to God.  It’s this question which actually leads to a verbal portrait of that point where God finally runs out of patience with human arrogance.  The prophet continues, “Then I said, ‘Lord, how long?’

            “And He answered: ‘Until the cities are laid waste and without inhabitant, the houses are without a man, the land is utterly desolate, the Lord has removed men far away, and the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land.’” (Ref. Isaiah 6:8-12)


            What Isaiah describes here is a land which is facing a thorough decimation as a result of their great and growing apathy toward God.  And eventually, the trauma described here did come to pass in Israel. It became a fractured land of despair, and widespread decay.  Indeed, it is both sobering and frightening to see how deeply a nation can be impacted by the loss of God’s divine defense and blessing.  Such an absence brings darkness to the very soul of a nation – in short order.


            And, on November 3, 2020, America became set to experience this same kind of impact.  That was the day when God finally stepped back from America.  That was the day when God stopped restraining the Darkness.  That was the day when God finally allowed America to begin experiencing the consequences of its widespread, many decades-long, and still growing indifference, and even disdain, toward God.


            On that day, Election Day 2020, that critical election was, in fact, stolen by seditious political criminals, in service to the Democrat Party – the most prominent human face of satanic darkness in America.  And, it is very telling as to how widespread this infamous conspiracy had to be in order to succeed.  But, more impressive yet is how completely absent God was from America’s defense against this widespread assault on American sovereignty. 


            In each contested state, election officials chose to turn an obviously predetermined blind eye to voting fraud and illegalities – even in the face of compelling evidence.  And, the Supreme Court, in turn, also chose to embrace, what similarly appeared to be, a pre-planned blindness regarding the legal and political misconducts in this election.  And, in doing so, the high court surrendered the very essence of America’s democracy, the integrity of its elections, into the hands of these Satan-owned political schemers.


            And, across the propaganda media, the pat reporting was obviously a long planned and well synchronized part of that scheme – the part designed to cultivate a national normalcy bias.  The pitch was essentially this. “What fraud?  Let’s just move on as we’ve always done after an election.”  But, the true reality was that a horrible new “normal” was made entirely imminent for America through the success of that 2020 election fraud. 


            Now, having stolen this election with impunity, these dark-hearted political usurpers will simply repeat their seditious formula for doing so in future elections. And now, they can much more easily implement that formula from their seats of power in the government, thus assuring their hold on those seats in perpetuity.  So, our future elections will become nothing more than a sham to provide merely the appearance of legitimacy to what is actually an unseen dictatorial oligarchy operating from behind the scenes.


            Nevertheless, in the days following the election, it began to be obvious that the “normalcy carrot” which the media held out to the pubic did start to gain significant attraction across the country.  So, fairness, and justice, and conscience, and principle, and even the rule of law was simply brushed aside in service to less troublesome and more up-close life pursuits for a great many citizens.  Thus, this widespread moral and ethical carelessness simply became the freshest example of why God chose to step back from the nation in the first place.


            So now, America is left staring at the end of its identity as democratic republic.  And yet, at this writing, four months after the elections, most Americans are still unaware that their republic, and the liberties and blessings they derive from it, have been mortally wounded – and the death of it all has now been made completely imminent. 


            At this early juncture, the vast majority still choose to believe the lie that, indeed, all things will go on as before.  But, by the upcoming mid-term elections, most in the country will certainly know better.  By then, most all will have recognized the ever more threatening nature of the government. By then, most will know that America is no longer being truly governed by the principles of a constitution and the traditional fairness of American jurisprudence. 


            And, as the evidence begins to pile up, the country will start to feel the despair of being governed by the whims of those unseen and unprincipled powerbrokers who are using mere figurehead political puppets to reshape American society.  In coming months, Americans will, indeed, begin to realize that their government has assumed this entirely new and very sinister form. 


            And, you do not have to be a prophet to know what the attendant downward spiral will look like in the real terms of everyday life.  The real powers-that-be, operating from behind the Biden and, not too eventually, the Harris throne, are truly Satan’s children.  As such, they have no ethical restraints.   They are as cruel and heartless as is Satan, himself.  They hate true good as much as they hate those who stand for and do it.  So, they will ravage the remaining good in this nation without compunction.


            Nevertheless, these satanic operatives do, in fact, now control the seats of power in this nation.  And, they are set to do their worst.  Already they are implementing policies and getting prepared to weaponize existing and new laws to force their will upon the population.  And certainly, the previous Covid mandates have already given the nation a taste of the bitterness of this kind of forced, like-it-or-not compliance. But now, this type of oppression is coming to America with an unlimited scope, eventually toppling even the most sacred strongholds of traditional civil protections.


            And, rest assured, these children of the Darkness will essentially abolish our southern border and flood this nation with a poor, backward, criminal, and non-invested population to weaken its social and political fabric.  And this will also help assure their perpetual grip on power as they grant blanket citizenship to tens of millions of illegals.   

These dark minded world changers will also finish corrupting our criminal and civil courts, including the high court, as they have already been attempting to do for many decades.  And, House Bill 1, already passed in the House, if passed in the Senate, will legalize election cheating methods of the type done in the 2020 election.

        And they will destroy the ethical trustworthiness of the nation’s police forces by eventually filling their ranks with their own mercenary thugs.  The opportunity for this police overhaul, will be afforded by the quickly and constantly escalating attrition of good but highly frustrated police officers. 


            They, will poison the nation economically with reckless, purely ideologically based policies.  The dollar will begin a continuous slip in value and inflation will continue to rise with the printing of more and more of these less valuable dollars.  And, they will certainly enact stratospheric taxes on nearly all Americans to siphon off the nation’s private wealth for government use. 


            They will vastly over-empower non-elected bureaucrats as decision makers over our daily lives – including our property, health, financial, and social services issues.  They will weaken the military through economic starvation.  They will continue to encourage class and race divisions so citizens remain disunited.  And, they will come for the guns to prevent any serious resistance or insurrection. 


            And eventually, as companies and corporations begin to fail under the weight of ominous government regulations, and jobs dry up, and America’s wealth is very intentionally drained away, the country will fall into widespread decay and disrepair.  America’s many fine neighborhoods and homes will become run down; and, many homes will be entirely lost to their owners due to the severe economic decline of the nation. 


            Our commercial buildings will begin to show the ravages of our poverty in their cracked glass, broken doors, and elevators with permanent out-of-order signs.  Our roads and highways will become chronically shabby with potholes, and long broken traffic lights, and other unattended issues of decay.   


            And many will die and be imprisoned at the hands of these merciless overlords.  They will do these supremely horrid things because they must do them in order to impose their draconian political and social will upon this nation.  They will need these measures to silence their opposition and to relieve themselves of the burden of those whom they view as some sort of liability – often swallowing up even their own in the harshness of these actions.


            Also, the foundational things, which Americans have been able to take for granted for so long, such as freedom of movement, freedom of ownership, freedom of thought and expression, and the sanctity of legitimate religious convictions – these will vanish.  Our health care will have only a fraction of its former efficiency and effectiveness due to overcrowding, doctor shortages, and diminishing federal financial support. And, even the more mundane things like standards for the quality of food, medicines, and commercial products will become undependable.


            And, when all of this, and much more like it, has come to pass in the lives of rank and file Americans, surely they will wonder how it could possibly have done so.  And, many will then, almost certainly, begin to recap the political twists and turns of the nation’s recent past in search of answers.  And, doubtless, they will also point fingers of blame even as they curse the Darkness – but, only in low tones for fear of reprisal. 


            Nevertheless, I wonder if this nation will ever understand that these troubles were actually, most essentially, just the outflow of their arrogant dismissal of the God who gave birth to the nation in the first place.  And, I wonder, when Americans finally come to this time of soul searching, if they will see the need to admit their mistake and repent of their conceit before Him? 


            But, be all of that as it may, in that too-late hour of their musings, without a doubt Americans will have come to know one thing with absolute certainty.  For, they will know this thing from their own deeply heartbreaking experience. They will know precisely what it looks and feels like when God does, finally and decisively, step back from an incorrigibly arrogant nation who has so long and so willfully gone away from Him.


            “Until the cities are laid waste and without inhabitant, the houses are without a man, the land is utterly desolate, the Lord has removed men far away, and the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land.”


             And, lest the reader think all of this, just the rantings of one more doomsday lunatic, consider these three compelling questions.


1.      Can any democracy, no matter how vibrant, survive the systemic corruption of its election process?

2.      Can any democracy survive the unfettered power of its government to weaponize its laws and its law enforcement facility against its citizens?

3.      Can any democracy survive a corrupt and irredeemably evil political party which becomes totally and perpetually empowered? 


            In fact, these are the essential conditions which have now been set up in America by the 2020 election – the point where God finally stepped back in resignation.