Friday, November 30, 2012

Double Down Devotion

OK, I admit it. I listen to the politicians talk in their capital rotunda interviews. I listen to the pundits give analysis. And I listen to my people (family and friends) making their case, expressing their point of view, decrying conditions, defining the facts as they see them. And, I do the same, myself.

But, my question is this. Who in the world are we all talking to?
We all go on and on, as though we were making our case before some “Cosmic Political Referee” who might be persuaded to side with us and settle the issues once and for all. And sometimes, it seems we imagine some vast, untapped voter pool who can be persuaded to come along beside us and suddenly change the balance of power in our favor.

Really?  Who are we kidding? That empowered political referee is just not out there? And, that unspoken voter pool is silent for a reason – they don’t exist.

The hard reality which patriotic, conservative Americans must face is that no political reinforcements are coming. There simply aren’t any.

So, here is my suggestion. Why don’t we stop appealing to some imaginary political force, and start appealing to the supreme force in the universe. And, instead of spending so much time "talking to the hand" of those who adamantly oppose us, why don’t we simply take the hand of the One who made us.

If we have a case to make, doesn’t it make more sense to get on our knees in humility and make it to Almighty God? Isn’t that smarter than talking to the uninterested, the unempowered, and the un-convincible? Isn’t it better to take that same level of energy, and angst, and intellect and aim it toward someone who actually has the power to change the situation? Did I mention that He is - ALMIGHTY!

If we can persuade Him to our cause – nothing else really matters. So, maybe we ought to stop addressing our “imaginary friends” and our avowed political enemies, and just persuade Him, convince Him, sway Him to act in our behalf.

If we're looking for a "Referee," it's God. The Divine Referee is the only one who actually has the power to settle this life and death argument between the darkness of liberalism and enlightened America? And, we will lose this argument to the Darkness without His help.

So, as patriotic Americans, isn't the better course to simply embrace a real lifestyle upgrade? Could we not just double down on a new level of personal devotion to, and respect for, God?

This is the real key to our delimma. It is only as God notices a rising tide of humility and devotion in the national character, that He will be persuaded to arrest the social and financial devastation that militant liberalism is inflicting on this nation.

"Double Down Devotion" - it's a much better plan than trying to talk our way out of this mess with our “imaginary friends.”


You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart - God