Friday, March 1, 2019


These days, it would seem that angry militancy is imposing itself on the American culture at very high levels on all fronts.  So, gays, Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, and Communist are all now raging activists.  

The gun haters and the Never Trumper's are all salivating with anger.  African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and university students are all at a take-it-to-the-streets level of militancy.  And on it goes until it seems everybody has gone militantly mad.

But, in fact, they have not.  In truth, the preceding paragraph is a blatant exaggeration on all fronts.  It is merely a “head shot” of the caricature which the liberal media, a cadre of hate filled activists, and a bunch of arrogant elitists are constantly attempting to sell to the American people as a tactic to aid their seditious intentions. 

In reality, however, in all of those people groups mentioned above, the great majority remains peaceful, reasoned and concerned about, not just results, but about the justness of how we achieve those results.  And how do we know these good people are out there?  Well, by the math for one thing.  The population of the United States is 325 million people.  So those subversive “pot stirrers,” even with the few off-the-rails extremists and ne’er-do-wells which they may actually represent, don’t compose even a drop in the bucket of that number. 

And, there is another way that we know that the vast majority of Americans are still strongly bound together by real sanity.  It is the anecdotal evidence of our daily lives.  Indeed, in our common values, we continue to widely cherish the nobility of our humanity, and thus, the nobility of our behavior.  We share a deep love of country which allows us to beam with pride even while we work together to remove her warts.  And, we continue to believe the long proven idea that mutual respect is the precious norm which truly yields peace, brotherhood, and quality of life; whereas, hate is never anything more than a disabling character flaw.  

So, fortunately for America, the vast majority of Americans still embrace sanity over subversion.  Praise God!  View The Exhibit